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Gluten effects

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Dispite been gf for over 2 years now I still get odd attacks of upset stomach but can not pin down the cause. Everything I cook is gf and eat very little when out but only after checking what's in it. Overall my gut health has been vastly better since the diet change its just the odd attacks that puzzle me, has anyone any ideas?

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Me too, Although have been gluten free for almost ten years. Sometimes I forget to check the little things when I'm out, for example recently I ordered a mocha coffee and felt ill afterwards- I know Costa mocha is not gluten free so why didn't I check with this other cafe first?- then there's the ready grated cheese, in my usual cafe we checked and it is loosened with potato starch, that's ok, but why did I order a jacket with cheese and beans in a supermarket and forget to check the cheese wasn't loosened with wheat flour? It's my own fault and honestly doesn't happen often. But gluten hides in the most unexpected places to jump out at us. I can't eat any oats even gf either and only found that out after trying to be healthy and add gf oats to my diet. It's a lifelong condition and we need to be aware every day, no days off! Hope you find what is sneaking through.

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When I went GF I felt much better in myself but my stomach was never still, going like a washing machine. I then realized that Lactose was the problem and stopping Dairy helped. I get Lactase tablets to take before I eat anything with Dairy in it. When I get days that don't feel right I take Colpermin which helps. It is an ongoing battle really. I have been on Anti-Inflammatory Tablets and another one to counteract them upsetting me. All was fine for 12 days and then I had the most awful upset stomach I had to stop them. This week I felt that I had gone back three years to before I was diagnosed! I am slowly starting to feel normal again.

non coeliac people also get the odd tummy upset ! I found I used to attribute everything to GLUTEN, further down the line I relaxed more and don't worry so much. But I must add that I do seem to get far less episodes of Tummy, flu colds etc than some of my friends since being gluten free.

This is just a personal comment

I've just got over another episode. But the only thing I had been eating is tesco sour cream and chives. Garlic and onion dip and tsaziki. I only ate them about 2/3 times a week max as I know they are dairy. My husband saw that they do a gluten free option for the sour cream and chives. I really don't understand this ???

If it is just upset stomach and none of the other awful glutening symptoms, I would chalk it up to the fact that those of us with digestive disorders are just more sensitive in general. Sometimes, maybe once every 2-3 months I get the runs after eating something even though I thought it didn't have too much of a trigger food (onions, corn, hot spices, etc...). If I don't get flu like symptoms after, I figure it wasn't gluten. Since my overall health, especially digestion, off gluten is so much better, I'll deal with a problem a few times a year and consider myself lucky to be healthy again.

It sort of sounds like pancreatitis. Unless a doc thinks to check lipase/amylase levels, you'd have no way of knowing. I was in the recurrent agony of pain, Emergency doctors saying "how much do you drink in secret?" I had actually stopped my nightly glass of red wine because it caused pain. But as I was not a drinker as a rule, it took us a while to figure out. Turned out it was yet another autoimmune issue-- "Nonalcoholic familial chronic pancreatitis". Oh boy does it hurt! I now take Rx Creon which is pancreatic enzymes from pigs. It IS NOT the same as " digestive enzymes " supplements, BTW.

Also, I can tell if meat has been grain-fed. Same old gluten pain+symptoms!

Thank you all for your comments they have been most helpfull, talking to a friend from Canada and think she put it well when pointing out that 30+ years of damage will not heal over night.

Fiona's blog from 3 years ago asks "How many of you still feel ill despite a GF diet" it might be worth clicking that.

OR Ask to see your coeliac specialist in case something else is going on.

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Jerry in reply to Jacks

Here's a link to Fiona's post that jacks refers to:

Dairy. Some celiacs can't eat it either!

P.S. some people can't eat GF products either due to the miniscule amount of gluten (20ppm or whatever it is).

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