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It seems that although I dont really want to be taking so many tablets at least they help me with getting through the day and it seems the night also, I just felt a while ago that i was on to much medication , but i guess the Dr's know best when it comes to that sort of thing, so until I can get my body to work with me by changing me eating and exercise habits I will have to be a tablet person, Jill

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Hi Jill,

No - in my opinion, the doctors don't always know best. It's a partnership between you and them and being able to disagree with them is part of that. They are only human after all! I've had to ask doctors to review decisions on several occasions.

I'm glad you're having a better day though.

Did you ever ask your GP to test your magnesium and zinc levels? Zinc difficiency especially, is linked to pains in the hip area.

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