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Slightly flat mucosa in D 2, does it mean celiac?

Don't want to go on to much but I am having to fight to fight out what is wrong with me.

I have been ill for the past 3 years at least with various symptoms. I have had to beg and plead with GP and consultant to get go the bottom of it literally!

PriVate blood tests = not celiac

Not sure but don't think I have had tests

Colonoscopy indicating diverticular disease.

Then endoscopy that gives the results above.

Still got 2 tests for bile salt malabsorbtio.

In between the April and September I went gluten free as I was told they were not doing anymore tests.... and yes I was better? Since then I have been back on the gluten for 6 wks before the endoscopy.

Any thoughts please?

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It might well mean coeliac.. Coeliac disease flattens the villi in the gut causing malabsorption etc.. There may be other indications such as anaemia etc.. ..I think you need to ask the question of a gastroenterologist specifically..

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Got letter back from gastroenterologist today, biopsies are ok, will see me in clinic in 3 months. Does that mean that I haven't got celiac even tho slightly flat mucosa!


It isn't just coeliac disease that causes damage to villi. There are a host of other things ranging from autoimmune disorders to things that live inside and eat it! So probably best to find out rather than focus on one thing like gluten. Here's some info:

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