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Just got back from 2 weeks in Greece a small island that isn't that well up on wheat intolerance but they were amazing. Found one shop in the island that did gluten free pasta so the hotel cooked it for me I had taken my own bread so that wasn't a problem. But the only thing I really missed was cake.!!!! As it is a place they always serve cake (breakfast) and they give it out when ever you go anywhere to eat. But the hotel again very kindly made me a gluten free cake and it was waiting in our room after a day out. So all was good until I got home and shared smarties with my 18 month old little nephew. Lesson learned always read read the label !!! Suffering with the pain the bloating and the nausea today.

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Isn't it lovely when you find a place like that? Glad you had a great holiday :-)


It is and they even asked lots of questions so they have a full understanding and don't get it wrong. Bless the hotel they were originally going to do a chocolate cake cos the know I like chocolate haha but they read the ingredients first to make sure and it did contain wheat so they did me a carrot cake. It was amazing. 1st time they had done it too. Bloody smarties tho I'm shocked!!


Sounds amazing! That's so cool that they made you a cake!!! I'm in awe as the other day I had a really bad experience at a tea room - felt so uncared for and unwanted - and it put me off going out to have cake (I rarely eat outside the home).

I didn't know Smarties were a problem - haven't eaten them in some years but useful to know.


Neither did I. Just goes to show tho when feeling well u feel like u can eat anything. Lesson learned I can't. Still suffering with major bloating and pain and nausea. All from a few smarties. I did get dairied on hols but again that was my own fault and because I was comfortable I forgot my golden rule of don't eat dairy every day. Very hard too with the creamy garlic mushrooms the baked feta and omelettes with again more cheeses on top. And not forgetting the piña coladas hahaha. I well shouldn't be long hopefully I'm back to normal and start again


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