Bury Black Pudding Gluten Free at Tesco

Just browsing Tesco sausage cabinet the other day and found Bury Black Pudding Gluten Free. Couldn't believe my eyes! I have just had it for a full English and it's de-li-cious!

Not heard about it or seen any advertising so thought I'd let you all know. I know Tesco had the Irish Clonaky? black pudding already but this is far better.

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  • Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Know where im heading this morning, thank you for sharing :-D x

  • Wow have to look for this, fingers crossed no mega preservatives. Havnt had any for 30 yrs! (Go on feel sorry for me!)

  • It's great, I picked some up at the recent Penrith GF Food Fair in Carlisle along with some game and pork & black pudding pies from the Voakes stand - sheer delight

  • Oh that's interesting news indeed! I quite like the Clonakilty one but it's always good to have choice.

  • Ooh sounds hopeful! Any idea if it has oats in it? The Clonakilty one does unfortunately. Shopping at Tesco tomorrow!

  • Ingredients on wrapper Water,Rice,Dried Potato,Dried Pork Blood,Potato Starch, Rice Flour, Onions, Salt, mixed Herbs, Pepper, Yeast Extract Less than 3% fat No artificial additives or preservatives.if you need further info their telephone is 0161 797 0689. Hope that helps everybody

  • Helps? That's amazing! THANKS FLYER! *Planning Christmas breakfast*

  • Anyone who lives near Hertford - Foxholes Farm make their own black pudding that is wheat free, oat free but does contain barley I think, no preservatives or additives either - anyhow its the best black pudding I have ever tasted (& I do like to try & support local producers).

  • hi i,ve just been intouch with the bury black pudding company and its also good news for anybody who lives or goes to bury as they also sell them on there market store, i visit regularly and thats why i contacted them the black pudding is available in over 300 tescos and they have accieved it by replacing oats with rice and also potato flour hope they taste as good can,t wait to try it

  • :( My Tesco just does the gluten version.

  • Hope my Tesco have them.

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