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Nestle allergy information warning about retailers buying in from Europe and other countries so no guarantee of gluten free safety

Yesterday bought Nestle after eight mint thins says on back imported distributed Bolivia

Only to read tonight on Nestle website under allergy information and gluten free products that retailers are buying in from Europe and other countries without their knowledge so there is no guarantee of being gluten free wheat free etc from these other places.

Says to check the label before buying or eating

Looks identical to packaging here never thought to read the back trusted they were

Produced here.

Anyone know anything more?

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Yes retailers do this all the time on everything from ketchup to tampons. It's been happening for years. We just have to keep checking the labels.


Things change so quickly, you just can't trust what you think you know! I agree with the label checking, although who knew about the horse meat scandal? It made me think- how can We be totally sure about anything? I try to buy fresh food, and cook my favourite recipes from scratch wherever I can.


this is one reason I do not buy the directory any more -- as soon as it is printed it is out of date.


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