After having raised alt levels in my blood, and an ultrasound scan on my liver, I have been diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease

After researching this myself on the Internet due to lack of help from my GP I have read several reports (mainly from America) that there is a link with coeliacs disease and liver disease. Has anyone else who has coeliacs had problems with their liver and by being completely gluten free can it be reversed?

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  • Hi Louisejr

    Has your doctor suggested that you be tested for coeliac disease? Has he told you why you have NALD?

    There are a few research papers on PubMed that suggest there can be a link between the two, but I have no personal experience.

    Eliminating sugar, particularly fructose from your diet may help ( fruit juice, low fat yoghurts and other processed food). Have a look for the video by Dr Robert Lustig on the causes of NALD, called "sugar, the bitter truth".

    Good luck with sorting out your health problems.

  • Hi Penel

    I had a test for Coeliacs about 10 years ago, which was negative but was told by the consultant that I was intolerant to wheat and possibly lactose. After cutting these out of my diet but obviously still having gluten, and numerous visits to my doctor due to other conditions such as migraines and severe joint pain, I was referred for a blood test which resulted in the revelation of high alt levels. My doctor does think it is gluten related but agrees with me that eating gluten for six weeks to be re-tested would be difficult for me as I know how ill I will be, and also cannot afford to be ill and miss work.

    I have read about fructose and have cut the amount of fruit I eat down to just berries, but thank you for the links I will definitely have a look at these.



  • Hi Louisejr

    Just as you have to read all labels to spot the hidden gluten, you will need to check for the hidden sugar! I have read a few reports about vit E being helpful foe NALD, it might be worth researching. Check out low glycemic food too, if you haven't already.

    My symptoms for problems with gluten were also joint pains and I was treated for arthritis for years (which I haven't got!).

    I think it can take some time to reverse your condition. Good luck with it. You may find that going gluten free is just the start of the change in your eating habits!

  • Thanks Penel

    Milk Thistle is good too, I must admit reading about fructose has been quite a revelation - I thought I was so healthy eating lots of fruit, not realising that in my case it has not been helping my liver.

    I must admit the more I learn about the hidden stuff in foods the more determined I am to find out more and hopefully reverse all the damage.

    Louise x

  • Hi Louisejr,I too was diagnosed with NALD.I had gallstones so had my gallbladder removed.My GP put it down to being overwieght and was not helpful.So like you I had to do my own research.I have gone glutin free and given up most carbs.My weght has not come down much but my inside feels so much better and I look slimer. I don't think GPs know much regarding NALD. I'm trying to outwit my GP and prove I can reverse my fatty liver. Good luck,Beaton.x

  • Hi Beaton

    I feel just the same as you about trying to outwit my GP - I was made to feel like NALD is just one of those things so never mind. I too have struggled with my weight and like you have cut out carbs as well as going gluten free. I feel thinner but the scales don't budge. I have read that if you can reverse the fatty liver you will eventually start to lose weight but that it can take time - so I have researched the food types that are good for your liver, and as Penel says above large amounts of fructose is not good for the liver.

    Thank you for your reply, it makes me feel better just knowing that I am not on my own.



  • I have just come across this article and thought it might be useful.

  • Thanks Penel I will have a look at this.



  • Came across this in my travels. There seems to be a link between NAFLD and SIBO. Have a google. Probiotics are recommended.

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