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Is there a link between Endometriosis and Coeliac Disease?

Some schools of thought e.g. Endometriosis UK say that it is still being researched and maybe a form of auto-immune disease. Given that women (and men although much less!) can have Endometriosis and it's often mis-diagnosed as IBS what have members found themselves? It's often more than just 'painful periods' and people with it find they are tired, ache and have sharp pelvic/ back pains. Given that many Coeliacs are low in Vitamin D which helps balance many of the body's hormones could there be a link with CD or other auto-immune conditions?

Nutrition & Endom read on here ref why wheat free helps some people...

re pelvic pain "...look at digestion because if a person is not absorbing the nutrients correctly, due to whatever reason, that could also lead to more higher levels of pain perception in the body because they are not taking in the nutrients that would help dampen down the pain pathways.”

B12: "And the B vitamins, especially B1, B6 and B12 when taken in combination, work as well as any analgesic when they are in the right level in the body.

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I'm being tested for this at the moment after 2 years of intense pelvic pains (3 weeks out of 4) and numerous trips to GP who just said 'are you stressed' I finally got a referral to a Gyny Prof. Well worth pestering GP as the Prof doc was so helpful and didn't dismiss my problems and pains (inc hip, backache and stabbing pelvic pains during and aside from my period). I've since read that Thyroid and Endom is related. Not sure if true. I also wonder if having CD makes us more suspectible to other problems?


This site is very useful for young people with Endometriosis and also has a handy pain mapping downloadable sheet so you can prepare for health apts:

Pain tracker:

Diagram pain tracker for Dr:


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