Grandson ill again, although on gf diet. Help!

My grandson is currently not digesting anything. He is on a gf diet (he has other bad allergies, milk, and egg) and has flourished till recently. For the last week, he has been having diarrhoea (smelly, pale), following a gastric bug. Help! Does anyone know what to do? Is there a good gastric specialist for children that anyone knows? He is nearly five. Any suggestions welcome. We live in Northampton, so Birmingham and London both accessible.

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  • Hi gfgranny

    Sorry to hear that your grandson is poorly. Can you speak to your doctor or health visitor/ practice nurse?

    The effects of tummy bugs can hang around. Make sure that he is drinking well and keep meals small, perhaps something like chicken soup?

  • I wonder if he would benefit from 2 garlic tablets in the mornings and a good probiotic at night,his flora sounds out of kilts and this would kill the bad and build the good.

  • I would try probiotic capsules and dry food for a few of days like crackers and also mineral water.

  • Hi babe patricia here you dont say if your grandson has coeliac disease that should be the only reason that he is on a gluten free diet has he been diagnosed with it because it is hard enough getting the right results if your little grandson is just going gf for other problem like gluten intolerance I would say let him eat gluten untill you ruled coeliac disease out take care & have a nice Christmas patricia

  • Hi GF Granny so sorry for the poor lad, there is a bug going around with diarrhoea could it be that? Your doctor should refer him to a specialist.

  • Many thanks for all your suggestions. You are a wonderful, helpful group of people. My grandson is a diagnosed coeliac (since he was 19 months old), and we are trying small meals of easily digested food. And it is helping. We will also try the probiotics and garlic capsules as soon as we can get them. Have a great Christmas.

  • Make sure the supplements are age appropriate. I have seen children's probiotics, not sure about garlic capsules.

  • If his intestines are still inflamed after his virus he may benefit from a low FODMAP diet or specific carbohydrate diet until things settle down. Information on both are on the Internet and both are easy to digest. I hope things settle down fast for him.

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