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Have you got a auto-immune disease yet discovered that a GF diet improves your health?

Following new research on CD there is belief that avoiding gluten can help improve health for other people with auto-immune disease, despite them not being positive for Coeliac Disease e.g. Thyroid, RA, Type 2 Diabetes, Addison's etc. The theory is that gluten is hard for many of us to process and can trigger a negative immune response and inflammation in our bodies. The end result for some people is developing Coeliac Disease. For others it can manifest as other auto immune responses. Has your Dr recommended you go GF? Or have you tried this and found it a benefit?

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That was what happened and how I found this site (via Raynards & scleroderma) and Coeliac UK. Having found that my health and weight improved 100 fold having given up wheat I then read "gluten free for dummies" and everything seemed to make sense. I have subsequently been tested as non Coeliac but just count myself as lucky to be SO much better simply by being gluten free.


I've recently given up wheat accidentally after following a No sugar Low carb diet. This was in a desperate response to long term multiple sited thrush. Doc just said use tablets and cream (been there done that, it doesn't work) but I knew I needed to find the problem.

But the amazing upside of avoiding wheat is that I no longer have painful hands, and the horrible pain I felt in my knees when i took every step has gone. I thought it was just Osteoarthritis (after my dad and aunts) and linked to my age 55. But now I have no pain and I feel much brighter and more alive. I realise now it was rheumatoid arthritis (like my mum had). And I can think again. I hadn't realised my brain fog was so bad.

I don't have a diagnosis yet but I feel so much better if I keep off wheat/gluten. If I eat a little of the stuff I have terrible 3-4 day headaches, light sensitivity, buzzing ears and upper abdominal pain.

I'm still battling huge belly bloats from the yeastie beasties whilst working on my new regime and trying to figure it all out.

Sites like this really help,

Thank you x


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