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D3 over load

My last blood test showed that both my calcium and D3 were at a normal level, when I ask about still taking the adcal-d3, I was told to continue..

The past few weeks my pulse has been racing for no reason, and I have been having to go to the loo for a wee, lots more...

So I think I've got too much d3 in my body...

I'm going to ring the clinic in the morning to see a doctor,

Anybody else had this happen?


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But Janie if your D3 levels were fine, why would you have an excess now if you are still taking the same amount of supplements? Unless you're getting a lot more sun or some other reason e.g. you've gone mad for scrambled egg and salmon!

If you're having excessive supplementation to the extent you're weeing all the time then obviously you've got to worry about your kidneys, but don't forget excess D can also have the unexpected effect of making your bones leach calcium.

Supplements worry me, frankly, and I say that as someone who's worked in the industry. I never took the opportunity of having all my company freebies as I don't think they're at all necessary if your food nutrition is appropriate. It's almost impossible to eat toxic levels of vits but all too easy to swallow too many pills.


Hi what was your last Vitamin D result ? . How much Vitamin D are you taking ?

It is very difficult to overdose on Vitamin D . There isn't really any vitamin D in food . It is the sunshine vitamin . It is also almost impossible to kill yourself with vitamins . Although the medical profession can very easily kill you with big pharma drugs .........


Doctor sent me to hospital today for tests, my vitamin levels were normal, blood pressure was normal, but my pulse was on the fast side, so they put me on a monitor for a hour or so, but that calmed i think maybe im havin panic attacks....they want me to have a test for diabetes, but I'd had breakfast so I'm having that done tomorrow at my doctors....

While I was there I got my results from a bone scan....everything was chuffed to here that...

You know this getting old is not all its cracked up to be, lol



Depends what they class as normal.

I had a massive loading dose last year brought me up to a high level but i suffered shaking ,

Going to the loo constantly and anxiety for ages after.

I presume it has come down some now but still seem to react when I take D3 even a small dose.

Some people are sensitive to certain stuff, or how they put the stuff together.

I am trying a spray from today from the health shop.


Kittykat2 when I said that it maybe the d3.... They looked at me as if I was talkin in strange tongues... Mind you it only took me 6 years for them to decide I was what hope have I got...

Janie x


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