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Contaminated eggs anyone?

I had two poached eggs with home made gluten free bread at lunch time. I now have what seems to be a huge allergic reaction to them which is similar to what I get with gluten. I know allergic reactions and celiac reaction are different but I feel like I have had an allergic and gluten reaction in one.

I am itching all over, my stomach is upset and I have the runs. I feel as though I am breathing through a thick cloth at the moment and I feel horrible. It started about half an hour after eating the eggs.

My husband pointed out to me that the box of eggs is kept right at the side of shelves of flour in the supermarket here in Greece and wondered if it could be cross contamination from that?. I have true wheat allergy.

I have taken my anti histamines and anti spasmodic meds so any suggestions would be appreciated. I have never had a problem with eggs before but they were recently moved to next to the flour in the supermarket.

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How did you poach the eggs??

In a pan with some vinegar and a little salt?? (Sorry I use the old fashioned methods as taught by my beloved Gran)

Am so sorry you are poorly.

Can you source eggs locally?? from a farm?? then you know they would be safe...



Hi, I just poached them in a little salted water. I did wonder if it might have been the feed the chickens had been given...I react to corn as well as wheat. This is the first time I have had a problem with eggs from the same supermarket. Thanks Apricotxx


Very unlikely to be what the chickens have been fed on as there is no direct link between the food and the egg.

More likely to be contamination on the surface of the egg or a reaction to the eggs themselves.



I wondered about the surface of the eggs as they could have been accidentally contaminated with wheat flour which is on the shelves nearby. People grab the bags and the flour puffs out of them near the eggs. I am not going to buy them from that supermarket again. Feeling a bit better now the meds have kicked in but it was definitely an allergic reaction of the scary kind!


no stray breadcrumbs in the butter/toaster? definitely not the feed, I have been keeping chickens for many years, they are not GF eaters, eggs superb!

I am very sensitive, flour dust on shells would make me ill as would breathing in flour dust as I discovered to my cost.


No crumbs as I use a separate toaster for my toast and it was gluten free bread with a fresh block of butter. I still think its the fine flour on the egg shells. Definitely going to get my eggs from another source now. I don't want to feel that ill again...and it was definitely an allergic reaction...which I usually only have to wheat.


I used to work in a place where I was exposed to wheat flour, but only either on my skin or breathing (not eating), and was having endless reactions - even when I was extremely careful to wash my hands frequently.

I'd say it was highly possible that your eggs ended up with traces of wheat flour on the shells, and you ingested it either from your hands or from it ending up on the egg itself when you broke it into the pan.

Perhaps extra care taken to wash the eggs first before cracking them might help?

I'm also never sure how much "corn" gets into eggs or chicken meat from feed, and a bit wary of that too as I am also very sensitive to corn, though I've not had problem from eggs before.


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