Pass this on...Coeliac Awareness raising

Pass this on...Coeliac Awareness raising

As we all know few people (aside from Children) have all the typical stomach problems so often discussed in relation to Coeliac disease. Indeed if more people were seeing their GPs about dashing to the loo, vomiting, and stomach pains we'd surely see the length of time it takes to get diagnosed (13 yrs!) reduce swiftly.

So this year for Coeliac Awareness we'd like you to pledge to share our picture of symptoms from our blog here: glutenfreeguerrillas.tumblr... via your Facebook page or Twitter. If you have a blog feel free to reblog it or include it in a piece on Coeliac Disease.

We probably all know some family members who refuse to get tested or a friend who is ill all the time with similar symptoms to us pre-diagnosis. So this year we'd love you to get them to read the variety of symptoms and urge them to get tested. After all, if there's more diagnosed Coeliacs there's less ill people putting a strain on the NHS and we'll have a stronger voice for Coeliac choices together.

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  • Thanks for this Fiona.

    I certainly didn't think some of those symptoms were indicative of CD! I have at least 11 of them..... :-(

  • I too have quite few of these symptoms which I never thought were related to CD. Have had them for quite a few years

  • I had 24 of those symptoms and it turned out to be an antibiotic resistant STAPH sometimes it isn't CD...might check for this BEFORE you go thru all the trouble and suffering to test for CD...

  • There are many symptoms out there that are consistent with Coeliac Disease, so unless you have the Healthcare Professional who can put symptoms/CD together to start the investigative process it is left to the GP. Having been diagnosed at aged 6 then undiagnosed aged 13 with a history of bowel problems until second CD diagnosis aged 58, no one read my medical history or had CD knowledge that I came across, So CD awareness needs to start with the medical profession. But sadly if you should ever attend a DWP Tribunal you will find many Healthcare Professionals who use CD to cover other conditions, please use caution with Healthcare Professionals.

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