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Do you think that people with Coeliac Disease should automatically be screened for other commonly associated auto-immune diseases?

For example NICE guidelines in the UK for Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s disease (thyroid conditions) and Addison’s disease patients recommends screening for Coeliac Disease. Yet not the other way around i.e. there are no guidelines for those with Coeliac Disease to be automatically screened (esp if they have a family history of other associated conditions).

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I think that if someone has been diagnosed with ANY autoimmune disease should automatically be screened routinely to see if they are showing symptoms of any other AI disease.

If this had happened to me after I had my thryoid problem then I wouldn't have had such a hard time working out what was wrong with me. Or had to put up with feeling so crap for such a long period of time!

I'm meeting up with my endocrinologist at the end of this month and I'm going to put this Q to him. I'll update when I get his response <img src="/assets/healthunlocked/images/smiley/wink.gif" alt=";-)">

Note: Despite being under the gastro team it was only as a result of the endocrinologist pushing some blood tests that it was picked up that I also have Pernicious Anaemia which is a serious condition if not managed.


I would welcome any test / screening that was offered. Unfortunately none seem to be offered.

I think the medic's approach is to wait until we show signs of illness, then look for the cause and cure, rather than look for problems that might not exist.


I think the people running the Nhs should all suffer like the people they fail to treat properly. And of course, every human should be screened regularly for every test. E.g. once per 2 years the WORKS, and of course those who have existing health problems or do not feel well should be every 6-12 months.


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