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Corned beef mockled arms!

I have been glutened (it's been a long while) the stomach symptoms are present but for the first time the reaction has caused the tops of both my arms to go sort of purple/red mockled, and blotchy - bit like corned beef lol. I've had DH a lot before and it's not like that, no blisters, no itching it's just an under the skin type rash - does anyone know what this might be?

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Do have any other conditions.... as some autoimmune conditions can cause livedo reticularis! Mary F x


Just googled and it looks just like that though it's only on tops of my arms - it says it most common on legs and buttocks?! Why has it come up with eating gluten?! I feel alright apart from gluten stomach, would I have other symptoms if it was autoimmune?


I would take a photo while you still have it with an Ipad if you have one as they have a good camera. This can be used as a good reference for later. Then I would make an appointment to see your Doctor so that they can follow this up. Better to be on the safe side. Could be something and nothing. ;-)


Are you sure it isn't this Keratosis Pilaris?


I've had this for years and hate the summer. When I saw my dermy she gave me some night cream to apply that really help smooths them and improve the skin.


Omg I defnitely used to have that chicken skin when I was younger loads of bumps right at back of my arms, I used to squeeze them and this hard white lump would pop out GPs did nothing, acted like it didnt even have a name, :o, I often look for them to squeeze LOL but only get an odd bump every now and then!

I haven't got bumps this is definitely under the skin and it def seemed to flare up after gluten ?? the vivid purple mockled look has pretty much gone now, there are a couple of small lighter patches left (although if get in a hot bath or my arms are cold it comes back?) and if I stretch out the skin these areas look almost like minute broken blood vessels. Not making much sense am I LOL!


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