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Wheat starch

This is probably a really stupid question but I am having a 'blond moment' as my husband would put it! I am recently diagnosed with gluten sensitive enteropathy and I have never had symptoms of being'glutened ' but just feel generally unwell and really tired. The dietician has told me to increase carb intake and my free Juvela hamper arrived today. My question is ,is it ok to have wheat starch? And can it cause more damage to my villi?

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Some of the Juvela products use wheat starch that has had most of the gluten chemically washed out of it. Supposedly the level of gluten in the products is tolerable by coeliacs, but some are more sensitive than others.

I have tried their fresh breads, but found that they still made me ill. Each to their own though, and your call whether you try it! If you don't want to try and contact Juvela they will advise you on which products are GF and wheat free and send you samples of these.


Have you seen this helpful advice from coeliac UK? Even those without coeliac disease can benefit from following their advice.


I had a problem with Juvela gluten free fresh fibre bread, it was just the same as eating gluten for me see, my previous post 'reaction to Juvela gluten free fresh fibre bread?'.

I've only been diagnosed since mid April 13 & my Dietitian appointmt is not till July 13, so I'm not sure about wheat starch... I did contact Juvela they said they've not heard of anyone having a reation before but they wanted to know what other foods I eat. I'm still waiting for their reply. At the moment I'm back eating rice or corn cakes and real so much better!


same here had to stop having that i now have part baked juvella and its fine x


Once diagnosed with Coeliac Disease you are encouraged to follow the gluten free diet, this does not agree with all coeliac's, some react to the wheat starch or the wheat derivatives used in the foods, others like me may react to those as well as Hydroxypropylmethycellulose a gluten substitute. It is only yourself that knows how you feel on the diet and if your not happy follow the elimination diet with reintroduction to see what causes problems. Yes time consuming but well worth it, if you not getting problems don't give it up.


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