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Bright red tiny raised semilina size rash spots

Does anyone have any idea whether a bright red rash on neck and top of chest that is both itchy and sore, is raised tiny semilina spots could be related to Coeliac disease?? I have been careful not to eat any gluten (to my knowledge) can only think of one possibility and that was some Tesco's Baking Powder that doesn't list any gluten sources within the incredients.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of the rash would be gratefully appreciated.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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I've got a similar rash - as a lifelong eczema sufferer (until I changed to a GF diet) - early thoughts were that it must be eczema - but I've never had it quite like this :(

I am waiting to see the Derms (again) - but suspicions are it is DH as I got caught out just before the rash started.

I've been on 40mg of Prednisolone (now reducing) and tried Piriton, Tavegil, Phenergan and Atarax - but other than the steroids, none of them have stopped the itching and burning feelings - I take Piriton on a regular basis and until now, it's always been sufficient in stopping my itching / allergic reactions.

If it is DH then chances are you will have to let it run it's course - but definitely worth trying some of the antihistamines recommended for skin reactions - I hope you find one of them that works for you - Piriton is probably your best starting point as you can get it over the counter.

Hope you get it sorted


DH is more commonly found on the extensor surfaces (that's to say your back, elbows and knees) but it very well might be. Book an appointment to see your GP who can, if necessary, refer you to a dermatologist.

In the meantime, stop using any cologne/perfume, cream, make-up etc. that you put on your face and neck and see if that helps. A rash affecting that area is classically an allergic dermatitis so it's worth ruling out.

And Tescos baking powder (according to is GF, by the way!


I'm the same ... rash on neck, face, shoulders, arms diagnosed as DH after biopsy. I have had eczema most of my life. Interestingly, the rash on my neck gets brighter and darker when I'm in a Fibromyalgia flare-up.


Thank you all for your help.

I am using anti-hystamine tablets and I have some Oolong tea which is noted for its ability to rid the body of any type of rash so I will be drinking a fair bit of that too.

My rash appears to vary in its redness. I have become excited several times now when it has blended back down almost to skin colour thinking that I will soon be rid of it then suddenly I look in the mirror and it's as scarlet as a poppy. It appeared from nowhere starting in a large round area on my neck then forming a 'V' shape that to someone viewing from a distance probably looks like first-stage sunburn.

I'm not a liberal sprayer of perfume or user of cosmetics on my neck or chest. I stick to baby shampoo for hair washing so I do not think that it is a normal allergic reaction.

I was intrigued that some of you mentioned biopsies - to the best of my knowledge I have never heard of anyone in my area having a biopsy for any type of rash.

I would be interested in other people's knowledge in the area of rashes and will keep you all informed, if I manage to find out how to rid myself of it ....


Dermatologists will occasionally biopsy rashes if they're not sure about the diagnosis. DH is usually pretty obvious, though- for both it's appearance and its rapid response to a GF diet and dapsone.

Do you think your rash gets worse when you've been outside in the sun, out of interest?


I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH). For me, it appears on my shoulders (currently), my back, my elbows, knuckles, toe pads, shins, forehead and buttocks! I've never had it I was diagnosed with DH by a dermatologist before I was referred to a gastroenterologist for my gut. There is no other way of diagnosing DH other than a skin biopsy. Despite a GF diet, DH can stay in the body for years. The standard treatment for DH is dapsone, a powerful oral antibiotic. I cannot take it as it can cause anaemia and many DH sufferers are already very anaemic (like me). I have a selection of medium to strong topical steroids that reduce the inflamation and itching, I've never found anti-histamines to work when the flare-up is bad. I've used a cooled propolis gel (fridge) when I've accidentally scratched the tops off.

I've also had eczema and psoriasis but they don't hurt like this. How would I explain how it feels? - like you've been badly burnt, then stung but you want to scratch like mosquito bites. In it's pre-diet form it's one of the most painful things I've ever known. It was impossible to sleep and when I did I had scratched myself raw. At least it is manageable now. It is also activated by other things - particularly acute stress and halides.

Some photos:


Sorry the "I've never had it" appears disjointed - I deleted the rest of the sentence. It was "I've never had it on my chest and neck".


Check the baby shampoo as they often contain vitamin e oil derived from wheat and grains. Also check your detergent and shower gel. I had it on my neck and upper body from hair spray that I just used a bit of! I find tea tree shampoo and anti dandruff helps as does aloe vera shower gel and shampoo.


If the rash gets worse when hot, drinking alcohol, coffee, exercise it may well be roscea. Many coeliacs appear to have this and it affects people in middle age - often creams don't work yet cutting out butter/ dairy for a short time may settle it. Bear in mind that inflammation in the body is often displayed in the skin so cross contamination/ being glutened can result in rashes.

Another problem that often occurs is hormonal imbalances after going GF (food is our bodies fuel and when we radically change it it can affect our hormones). See a Dr to check it out & keep a note of when it occurs & how often to see if there's a pattern. If you've not used new products/ washing powder or liquid or creams then it needs checking out.

FYI DH is v itchy and displays water like filled bumps. It doesn't sound like yours is DH yet as the body is complex it's always worth seeing a Dr to get it checked out.


I have just added to this and sadly my answer is not here!


Regularly get a red rash on my cheeks and forehead - becomes dry and itchy. Usually occurs after being "glutened" or "milked". I was treated for rosacea (didn't work), skin infection (bacterial and fungal) - nope.

Cure is keeping away from dodgy foods, and when it occurs using E45 cream to reduce the rash (short term only as long term use is not good for the skin) and using an emollient cream - skin-friendly moisturiser that prevents drying out. This does seem to work but has to be used morning and night.

You may be suffering from ordinary dermititis which can be triggered by any substance. Usually treated with antihistamines or creams containing cortisol (like E45) in addition to avoiding the trigger substance.


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