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SLT Laser Treatment Success So Happy... Ask first before you start taking strong drugs for your glaucoma

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Hello I live in france, I just went to the hospital in Monaco to my amazing opthalmogist specialist in glaucoma. PS this is not a private hospital but public. I did not see her first I saw two other specialists and no one recommended SLT treatment. I was diagnosed in January with open angled glaucoma. I was given monoprost and originally azarga. In january my pressure was 28 in both eyes before i took the medication. I switched to monoprost and alphagan as I had a problem with azarga, however my previous doctor was not happy with the pressure reduction from 28 to 23 and 25. She wanted me to go back onto the beta blocker azarga. I then sourced a 2nd opinion when she told me there was no other option but the beta blockers...

I had my SLT laser 6 weeks ago on the recommendation of my doctor in Monaco. today I was told it has decreased to 17 in both eyes from 23 and 25, it takes a least 3 -4 months for the full effect of SLT treatment. I am currently taking monoprost and alphagan. My doctor now wants me to stop taking alphagan for 2 weeks and see how my pressure is. I am so happy and I am hoping I can keep the pressure down without alphagan and just use monoprost... fingers crossed.

In looking at research, and speaking to my doctor a 'virgin' eye that has never had drugs reacts better to SLT laser treatment. Please ask your doctor first about this if your eyes are suitable for it before committing yourself to strong drugs. It can be quite overwhelming when you are given the news, all you think about is i don't want to go blind... and then you are told take these drugs to lower your pressure.

SLT is not a cure it may last 3-6 years dependent on the person and can be done up to 3 times. Its just something to try does not hurt and I only had blurred vision for about an hour.

Good luck to all of you, you are not alone. valeriefrance

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So pleased for you that your eye pressure is down and you are responding so well to SLT, so your pressure may reduce further once full effect has taken place. Fingers crossed you do get a good few years benefit from it.

SLT is unfortunately not an option for me but that certainly sounds positive for others who it may benefit from it. All the best .

So pleased for you . Hope everything continues to go well xx

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Hello Sufitzy thank you for your well wishes valeriefrance

I’m curious how old you are. I’m 57 now and diagnosed at 54. My consultant suggested that as you say the benefits of SLT often only last 3-4 yrs and you can have it done up to maybe 3-4 times. He suggested that he didn’t want to exhaust that option too early as I was young for glaucoma diagnosis. I will ask about this when I next see him. If I see him that is, and not a nurse or junior dr due to covid! Glad to hear you’ve had a good outcome though!

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Hi I am 63, glaucoma is individual and everyone is different. There are other surgeries of course, however if I can get 6 months or even 2-3 years out of this procedure then I will take it. I want to avoid taking strong medications as long as possible. You can have this done 3 more times also... And if you have to go on the strong drops SLT does not affect the drugs. Therefore I do not know why he uses the term exhaust this option when its far better to get it done before your eyes are used to these drugs. Well according to the research this is not my opinion.

My doctor is very understanding about the long term effects of drugs on the rest of your body. I just looked at the research the link is in my post and for this to work its best to use it on a virgin eye that has not had long term drugs. I have been taking them for 2 months before my slt. I am still taking monoprost and i have to wait for 2 weeks without alphagan and see if the pressure goes up. However, if i have to take alphagan again then so be it, at least byhaving the slt i am avoiding the beta blockers that i have a bad raction to.

Apparantly, young people tend to go for the SLT as they like technology and dont want to put drops in.... older people dont, they are afraid and prefer drops.... this is the research..... I think you should have a choice. Read the link and then discuss it with your doctor. Good luck... can i ask do you have open angled glaucoma. also what drops do you take. thanks valerie

Hi Valfrance. As I said I will ask about this at my next hospital appointment (which is due but running 2 months behind schedule currently due to covid). I do trust in my consultant and I believe every individual situation is different so we have to take any advice in context. That said, it is always good to have questions to ask as often asking a question reveals from your doctors answer more detail on your own individual diagnosis which can be empowering and sometimes reassuring.So about my glaucoma. I have been diagnosed with open angle glaucoma in both eyes (in 2018). There’s a family history - my mom has acute closed and so does a cousin but neither lost vision and my mom had laser treatment straightaway - so with that history I was annoyed an optician missed the signs earlier at my annual checks but my pressures were pretty low at that time. Moved house and a new optician (and glaucoma specialist thank goodness) decided I should just have a hospital check. At that check my pressures were 28 in both eyes. A year earlier I had already noticed vision loss which was mistaken for “migraine aura”. Anyway I was immediately tested for driving and following that given a medical driving license, due to glaucoma in both eyes and loss centrally in one. I am fit to drive currently but due a bee assessment. I have peripheral vision loss in left eye and central vision loss in my right eye close to the focal point. I have regular disc margin haemorrhages in my right eye - not great. I have thin corneas - not great and cup disc ratios that are not great and typical for glaucoma. In 3 years my vision loss has slowly but steadily worsened in right eye and formed a thick eyebrow above focal point in that eye. Amazingly I still score well in sight tests and my vision is better than most people’s I reckon. 😉 Since diagnosis I have been checked every 4-6 months due to unstable IOPs (until covid when I went a year without a check which was very scary) . I was initially started on one drop of Lantanoprost. Pressures dropped and then rose. Went to brinzolamide and lantanoprost. From 2 drops to 3 a day. Still they fluctuated. Went to brinzolamide/brimonadine and bimatarost. Then on to preservative free bimatoprost once at night and dorzolamide twice a day which is where I am now. My pressures are currently borderline at around 17 and 19. My pressures need to be mid teens as the damage was done to right eye when pressures were around 18 or less it’s believed. I’m stable as at last check in October. I have had asthma in the past, so once spotted, then beta blockers were ruled out. We are running out if drop options. Currently my optician and I are trying to see if the increased blurring in right eye is actually a change to an astigmatism. If not then I’ll be checking that out with my consultant too. For those newly diagnosed, I am not a typical person with glaucoma! Most people use drops for years and never have any vision loss, when they do it’s around the peripheral vision and so have no problems Many peoples IOP respond well to drops. 👍🏻 🙂

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valfrance in reply to Beecalmed

My goodness, you have certainly been through it.... Yes there is no straightforward glaucoma story.... research has shown some people have low pressure and still have glaucoma... therefore it is not always about high pressure.... I do believe its just your luck... my glaucoma is not hereditary... i believe it is through long term use of steroids on my head for psoriasis for 32 years of using steroids. I have totally changed my lifestyle in terms of food, stopped smoking, hardly drink now, gave up coffee and limit my tea intake. I am now sleeping elevated and wear lighweight plastic builders glasses so i don't crush my eyes into the pillow when i sleep on my side as that increases pressure. very uncomfortable... I take many natural supplements I have no idea if they are working, however i am just going by research and how to take care of your macular...fingers crossed i am not wasting my money and living on false hope...

i am only using monoprost and i am very frightened should pressure increase over the 2 weeks of not using alphagan... however you have to find out if your slt is working without 2 drugs and how else can you do it...

thank you for your reply and best wishes valerie

Glad the SLT was success for you. SLT is now being offered more to people you have mild or early stage glaucoma. A paper by Professor Gus Gazzard and associates on the benefits of SLT has been published. This is called the Light study. I have attached a link for anyone who is interested in reading more about this.

Hello Trish thank you for your well wishes and the news article it is very interesting and hopefully more people can opt for slt first. valeriefrance

I'm so worried about having SLT. I cannot tolerate Trusopt or Azopt, so my Opthamologist says I should have SLT. I have been on Monoprost for 2 years and had iridotomy in both eyes last summer. My pressure is 20 and 19 - when taking the Azopt - which is making me feel awful!I am so worried as I hear there is a chance of losing vision when having this procedure.


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Hi, at the moment you are suffering with the different eye drops... i went through this myself in January.. my doctor said at the time I was imagining the symptoms.. I couldn't believe it when she said that as it was right there in the information and I had not even read it before taking the drops.

I had SLT in January, I have been on monoprost for 2 years also and it would appear you are fine with that as I am. I had SLT as I could not tolerate 2 kinds of drops they gave me.

I did not read that you could have a chance of losing your vison. Would I have still gone ahead, definitely. What choice do you have to try and keep your pressure down. How long have you been on drops truspost is preserative fre azpost is not. Maybe you have an allergy to preservatives. Do not worry and go for the SLT touch wood, my pressure went from 28 down to 19 in both eyes since i had the SLT and I only take monoprost now. I am praying this continues of course. good luck valfrance

Hi valfrance

I live in Switzerland - so we're in such similar situations!! I have booked the SLT and will have it done here in 3 weeks - I don't want to wait until we go back to the UK which we are intending on doing next year.

Fingers crossed I get a good result!!

valfrance hi I’m so glad it’s gone so well for you. I’m having a consultation on 27th July about slt I was diagnosed in December last year so not to long on drops I think I told you this before. My pressures were 25/30 so hoping laser will work. I’m on Fixapost a combination drop of Lantanprost and timodol. Hopefully I will get good results as well xx

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Hi julie it has a good success rate apparantly. When you say consultation are they going to do it..valfrance

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Hi julie it has a good success rate apparantly. When you say consultation are they going to do it..valfrance

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