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Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty

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I had SLT on both eyes in July and had my follow up appointment today. Disappointed to find that my pressures are 20 and 22 so very little improved. I was given the choice of repeated laser or eye drops. The doctor then went on to say how difficult eye drops are to put in etc! I was concerned that in waiting for more laser treatment my pressures might rise in the meantime but was reassured I wouldn’t have to wait more than two months. When I handed my appointment request to reception I was astonished to be given a date of 11 Nov! Have to hope I have better results next time as she’s really put me off eye drops which was pretty unhelpful.

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Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm not sure why your Doctor is saying eye drops are difficult to put in. I've been using eye drops on and off for about 8 years ( firstly for Uveitis, now daily for Glaucoma and believe me it takes hardly anytime at all to get used to putting them in; to me now it's just a routine that I do without even thinking about it. Also 20 / 22 IOP whilst not ideal really isn't that high, to give you a rough idea I've just come through a spell of being at 49. I wish you all the best and don't panic just reading between the lines of what you have said here, it sounds like at this stage that you have very mild Glaucoma that should be easy to treat.

I got the impression that it is a bit of a hobby horse for her about eye drops but frankly very unhelpful. She wants my pressures to be 16. Not sure how bad my glaucoma is as with COVID it was a year until I had my diagnosis but thank you so much for your comments.

Hi Bonnie, I had slt in january however I still continued with 1 eye drop monoprost before i was taking 2 drops. my pressure went down to the lowest of 17 and 19 after 6 months last measurement it was 20. No further damage to my eyes thank goodness since my last field test and optic nerve test. My doctor was not too worried over this measurement, everyone is individual my previous readings were 28. Do you still take any eye drops or have you just had slt, where you taking eye drops before your slt. Just to let you know I just discovered that decongestants can raise your eye pressure, I had congestion before my last test and literally before my test I was using a nasal decongestant, vick...I am thinking this may have raised my pressure. Therefore going this month for another pressure test and will see if it was that. thanks valfrance

I’ve never been prescribed drops as was told it was best to have laser treatment without using them especially as the waiting list was so quick. The doctor this week reiterated the same view. It was just her attitude to drops that I found so unhelpful as I’m bound to end up using them as do so many of you on this forum. Thanks for the info about decongestants. Good luck with your next pressure check.

Hi Bonnie, have you tried herbal supplements such as baicalein to try and lower the pressure? When I was taking drops I wondered if the way I was putting them in was not working. I was initially making a pocket but also tried a method where you slide the thumb holding the drop dispenser along the index finger of your free hand. I found this quite difficult though as I kept missing the eye. It's not helpful when doctors say things like that ay. I hope your second time is more effective 🤞

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Thanks for replying. I’m taking Gingko Biloba as advised by the original consultant I saw but will look into others. I’ll start to rattle with all the other meds I have to take🤣! I did find the doctor’s attitude so unhelpful and she certainly wasn’t receptive to any discussion.

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No worries ay. I take Gingko Biloba also and try to exercise every day. My initial consultant was an absolute nightmare just a horrible person and really freaked me out to the point where I knew there was no way I would want her touching me let alone doing the surgery. I've been fortunate since then although I have to travel a lot further it's worth it to see genuine people who want to help. One of them advised me to meditate daily which I'm currently struggling with but there is also evidence that this can lower eye pressure. Are you able to request another doctor?

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The consultant I’m under is fantastic and he set up the whole department and the laser facility. In follow up clinics I think it is the luck of the draw - there were 4 docs on duty and I lucked out!

Hi Bonnie, I’ve been using eye drops for over 15 years and currently administer 5 lots in each eye split am/pm. Once you get into it I’ve always found it very easy so please don’t be put off. They help keep pressures as low as they can as well as other procedures such as SLT. Wishing you all the best, Clair x

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Exactly I'm a little bit confused with anyone saying drops are difficult to put in, really it's just a case of tilting the head back, giving the bottle a little squeeze and the retuning the head back to normal and pressing on the tear duct for 2 mins. I'm wondering if I'm missing something here, is it because of preexisting health conditions like maybe shaky hands of very poor vision that is causing the doctor to say it difficult or some people on here to agree? Also a 20/22 IOP that's not very high, it sounds like a simple drop treatment, to take it down to the teens? But obviously I don't know the full case, also I have heard that SLT can be less responsive after the patient has been using drops; so possibly I guess this could be it the doctors thinking, I hope so anyway because for a doctor to say drops are difficult to put in without any of the above, would be terrible advice.

Yes I agree. Just hope I see someone different when it comes to the drops prescribing stage.

I hope so too and I wish you all the best. Take care.

Hello. Unless there’s a specific reason your doctor wishes to avoid eye drops, I wouldn’t worry about using them. Like you, I’ve had SLT done with no strong results, but eye drops have kept my pressures down. Best of luck to you.

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