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Time to say what I think

This afternoon, I'm sitting at the computer and writing my response to the NSC consultation on screening. Can't quite believe we have any debate about it at all. It would save babies lives and lots of heartbreak too. I remember when I was pregnant being offered lots of tests for things which couldn't be altered and was shocked to discover that screening for GBS , which can usually then be prevented by giving antibiotics in labour , wasn't offered or discussed. Surely, women deserve to have the choice for their delivery? At this rate, screening might still not be routine in UK when my daughters have children. That's what I am going to say to introduce my comments. I'm going to back it up with the arguments and information on . Luckily I haven't been directly affected by GBS but that doesn't mean it's not my business or that my views don't count. Write in too please. If you have been affected tell your experience or if you know someone who has. It's all our business when the UK continues to lag behind. We may not have such an opportunity again. So coffee, biscuits ( always helps the writing I find!) and write in please. The number of responses is a factor in the review.

I may send a copy of my response to MPs. Will have to think about who though.

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How did you get on? And which MPs are on your hit list?


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