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15 weeks GBS postive

Hi there, went in last week because I felt like I had a UTI so they gave me microbeds and said they'd send my urine for a culture. Then they called and switched my antibiotic to amoxicillin. When I saw my doctor today she let me know that I am GBS positive. She said not to lose sleep over it, because I am scheduled for a c-section the risk of passing it to baby is decreased. That still doesn't completely calm my worries... Here are some questions...

Am I considered high risk for passing it on to my baby because I had enough GBS to cause a UTI? And why am I more high risk to give it to the baby just because of a UTI with a high amount in my urine? Also, when the baby is born- do they run his/her blood to see if it has GBS? If it comes back negative at birth- can the baby still develop complications from GBS days or weeks later?

I am feeling a little lost and nervous. Any information is helpful to me at this point!

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Hi nejonhson

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and it's good news that you know about group B Strep. It means you and your health professionals can all be especially aware of the small chance of group B Strep causing problems.

The fact that group B Strep was detected from your urine means that your newborn has an increased chance of developing GBS infection (research has shown that, where GBS is detected in the urine during pregnancy, the chance of the newborn baby developing GBS infection is slightly higher than if GBS was only detected from vaginal or rectal swabs).

You need to ask your hospital about their policy, but most won't take blood samples from a baby who is healthy, although they will investigate (including taking bloods) if they are concerned that the baby may be sick. NICE's Antibiotics for Neonatal Infection Guideline explains in which circumstances the baby should be investigated or monitored - see

Babies can develop group B Strep infections up to age 90 days, but the large majority of those who do develop GBS infection do so in the first few days (and most of these on the first day) of life. GBS infections after age 6 days are rare.

Do give us a call on 01444 416176 or email us at . There's also lots of information on our website (and you might find the FAQs page helpful too).


Thank you so much for all of the information! I was so relieved to find a site like this that helps others like me feel supported. I will be sure to check back throughout my pregnancy and let you know how everything goes!

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