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GBS which led to early labour

Hi all, not to annoy people but has anyone had the experience where strep b had infected an unborn baby and led to early labour?

I received my little daughters post mortem results which disclosed that strep b was in her lungs. She was only at 23 weeks gestation and while I obviously can't do anything for my little angel, I worry that i may had issues in addition to strep b.

We meet our consultant after the holidays and I guess that I would like as much information as is possible.

Thank you in advance for any help! Sx

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I'm so sorry to read of your daughter's extremely premature birth and death. My heart goes out to you - please accept my sincere condolences.

Yes, along with many other bacteria found in the vagina, GBS can cause infection of a baby in the womb, which can result in preterm birth, stillbirth and late miscarriage. However, thankfully these events are not common and GBS is a rare cause of them. These complications are usually caused by a variety of factors other than GBS: genetic defects, gynaecological problems, other infections, etc. When you see your consultant, you should make sure all of these possibilities are investigated fully, in addition to the GBS issue.

I do hope you get the answers you need to your many questions. If you haven't already, please do contact us at or on 01444 416176 if we can help in any way.

Best wishes,



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