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Hi im new to all this and need some advise please, my daughter gave birth on tuesday morning after a long labour with a raised temp and raised heartbeat she ended up having to have a section, now they didnt treat her with any antibiotics until an hour before her section. Baby is now on antibiotics every 12 hours but they are saying its just a precaution and nothing has grown as of yet in the petri dish from his bloods and she is having to stay in for 7 days with him as thats how long they are going to be administrating the antibiotics for, they havent really given her an answer as to if hes got an infection or not

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Hi Nikki - I'm sorry that your grandson is being treated for suspected infection. Is there a reason you think it might be group B Strep? I can't work that out from your message.

When a baby is suspected of having a bacterial infection, then there are quite clear guidelines from NICE on what should happen in terms of testing and treatment with antibiotics. The key guidance is at

You might also find this flow-chart, that our medical advisory panel developed, helpful

If your grandson has an infection, then he's in the right place! I'm sure his medical team are doing all they can both to identify what the cause of any infection is, and to get him better as quickly as possible. Your daughter should ask the team looking after her son all her questions and, if she's not getting clear answers, keep asking. The health professionals will be keen to answer as many of her questions that they possibly can.

Do please keep us posted - I hope he'll be fit and healthy, and home with his family very soon.


I think it might be suspected strep b as my daughter had pyrexia during labour and was given no antibiotics until she was due to go for a section even tho she had a temp and raised heartbeat. The hospital are not really giving any answers just that he needs antibiotics for 7 days as a precaution, i have scoured the internet and strep b is the only infection i can see that relates to both my daughters labour and the reason for my grandsons to be on antibiotics for so long. Both my daughters had the exact same labours both back to back labours and both raised temp but my other daughter was given antibiotics as soon as she developed high temp and my granddaughter was fine she didnt need any antibiotics when she was born by c section


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