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GBS in first pregnancy advice please

I'm pregnant with my second baby, currently 18 weeks. I tested positive for GBS after my waters broke early (after 37 weeks, but 3 days before birth). I didn't receive antibiotics until the 3rd day, after induction. We stayed in for 48 hours after birth for them to check my sons temp, culture etc and my son received antibiotics.

I'm now nervous about the second labour, as i've had conflicting advice from midwifes. But the final response appears to be that they won't test me for GBS, or give me antibiotics during labour, unless my sons tested positive for GBS. I'm 95% certain he didn't, as I wouldn't have forgotten that! But it was all a bit of a whirlwind, and I didn't realise how bad GBS could be until afterwards. But since I've under a different NHS trust now, I will attempt to get my old records.

Even if I can persuade them to test on admittal, obviously my labour may be much quicker this time, whereby there would be no time to test. I'm seeing a consultant about this at around 36 weeks. Is there anything anyone can recommend I do in the interim?

Also, is anyone aware if premature rupture of membranes (post 37 weeks), is more likely to occur in subsequent labours? I believe there is a link between GBS and PRM.



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Hi Jofish. Congratulations on your pregnancy - and I'm sorry to hear of the concerns about your son after his birth.

National UK guidelines do not currently recommend the routine testing for group B Strep carriage in pregnancy for any reason, not even when you've carried GBS before. Since your son didn't have GBS infection (thankfully!), the guidelines say you shouldn't be offered intravenous antibiotics in labour unless another risk factor arises.

I realise this really isn't satisfactory and we at the charity are doing all we can to bring about change. In the meantime, you can be tested privately, using ECM (enriched culture medium) tests that follow Public Health England Guidelines - the organisations listed at offer the ECM test, from around £35 for a home testing pack.

We don't hold information on the likely re-occurrence of premature rupture of membranes.

Please don't hesitate to call us if we can help at all - 01444 416176 - or email us at And please do keep us posted :)

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