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Group B Strep Support
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Group B Strep petition

Please sign & share this important new petition:


It's calling for every pregnant woman to be:

- Offered information about group B Strep

- Offered the GBS-specific ECM (enriched culture medium) test for group B Strep carriage and

- Offered antibiotics in labour if group B Strep is detected during the current pregnancy, or where other recognised risk factors are present

On average, one newborn baby a week in the UK develops group B Strep infection. One baby a week dies from group B Strep infection. One baby a fortnight who survives the infection is left with long-term disabilities - physical, mental or both. It is the UK’s most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months. The number of babies infected is growing.

But these consequences are usually preventable. And in many other developed countries would be prevented.

Please sign and share :)

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