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Who is appropriate specialist for a second opinion after the first infectious disease Dr. refuses to test me for Aspesrgilliosis ?

Provided current infectious disease doctor with copies of both environmental testing reports which I had done because the causes(s) of my symptoms are not being investigated/addressed. Although the reports show high penecillium and aspergillus mold spore levels in my home ,this Dr will not test me for mold infection(s)

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Ask to be referred to a respiratory consultant. Mine has recently diagnosed me with ABPA (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis).


This is a complex situation. There is no evidence to suggest ABPA or other forms of aspergillosis that affect immunocompetent people is caused by high levels of moulds in the air, but we do suspect that sinusitis, allergies and asthma can be effected.

Do you have respiratory symptoms consistent with those illnesses? If so you might try getting a second opinion as suggested by an earlier reply.


I continually express visible organisims via nasal, stool, skin, vaginal, eye, etc,discharge some of which I believe to be siderophores, others I believe may be staph bacteria, and more. I have numerous photos of these items and emailed a few to the infectious disease dr. to avail. I finally encouraged same dr, to give me a lab slip for blood speciman which I will try to get done tomorrow, however I'm afraid it is too late for help as I can barely function at this point. I've tried to get medical attention the last two years without success although I am and have always carried well respected medical insurance (Blue Shield of California) as a retiree of the State of California. However I only discovered the existance of this mold in my home January this year.


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