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Help make thrush

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Hi new here. Been struggling with thrush on my penis now for around a year. Been to GP and each time I get a new cream to try. I'm type 2 diabetes with normal daily readings of between 10 to 15. Now I know this is hi but they are my normal readings. GP has put me on a tablet so that I pee more to get excess sugars out. I also suffer from PTSD, BPD, ANXIETY, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS and ASTHMA, which for all I take various pills.

I bath / shower every day so I keep down below clean. What else can I try to get on top of this problem any help would be great

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You may need antifungal tablets, ask your GP if he can prescribe or refer you to a consultant who will prescribe, in Manchester we have the Fungal Research Trust at Wythenshawe Hospital run by Prof David Denning, a year suffering from thrush is long enough.

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Vulnerability to infections such as thrush is unfortunately part of having diabetes for some people. Your sugar levels are probably a little higher than your doctor would like, making the problem worse as

1. it may be damaging your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infection

2. Higher sugar levels in your urine make great food for the yeast that causes thrush

I would suggest that you make every effort to get the blood sugar level down as far as possible and also take every care to keep the affected area dry and well ventilated - characteristically someone who sits down a lot will tend to sweat a lot in the groin area, especially if the seat is made from materials that repel moisture such as plastic.

There is also the possibility that any sexual partners you may have are re-infecting you. They might also need to be treated.

And keep seeing your doctor until you are on top of this infection!

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