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Cortisol levels

Hi. My husband was seen at Wythenshawe and they took loads of bloods. The only result we have had is a low cortisol of 65. They asked him to repeat it at 0900 but they said ok if earlier so did it this morning at 0730. Had a call from the GP saying it is mow 40 and he must be seen by a Dr. Trouble is nobody can understand why it was done in the first place. Can anyone offer any advice please?

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A cortisol test usually attempts to demonstrate whether or not your body is producing enough of its own cortisol. If you have been on long-term steroid medication your body can stop producing enough of its own so you will need supplementary medication.

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He has only been using a symbicort 200/6 inhaler and his Itraconazole. I found a bmj article that linked Itraconazole and low dose steroid inhalers with low cortisol levels but the Bath hospital endocrinology team are saying not. It was 65 at Wythenshaw 10 days ago and 40 yesterday.

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