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Help! Oral Thrush

I'm having my first ever experience with ora thrush. i think I've had it for 3 weeks now, been on fluconazole for 2 weeks 100mg but it's not done much really although more pink bits I guess. It's just on my tongue but potentially further down my throat too as I'm having to clear my throat all the time. Dr has given me another 2 weeks of fluconazole and also nystan too which I've started taking today. What else can I do? I've switched to gluten free pasta and brown rice. No cakes or biscuits at all. I'm so stressed with all this and feel like it's never going to go. I've read the below can help - are they true?

Suck on ice

Aloe toothpaste


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I don't think much other than the antifungal drugs will cure your infection.

Blueberries are a good source of vitamins while also being low in sugar so some nutritionalists suggest then as a good source of fresh berries while you have thrush. The reason for that is they want you to stop taking high sugar fruits but not stop taking fruits altogether! They have no known antifungal activity.

Aloe also has no known antifungal activity but is a good fresh food and is suggested for no other good reason.

Ice? Might ease the discomfort a little but water has no antifungal activities!


The ice I've read is because the fungus like warm environments to grow so ice cold drinks/sucking on ice might deter them - I'll do anything at this stage! What will happen if it's still there after another 2 weeks of fluconazole?

Would it be the thrush causing the need to clear my throats especially after eating


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