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Up up and away!!!!!!

Good morning,

Well I decided I had deliberated long enough over holidays so yesterday did it. Flights booked, travel insurance purchased - (shocked at cost but reassured that we have it), hotel for first night booked. I am sure all will be fine it's just scary when someone has been ill to leave the security of what you know etc.

On hubbies health he is still continuing with his anti candida diet 7 weeks now and the fungus on his nails is growing out - and I feel that if that's happening externally it must be doing some good internally i.e. In the lungs where the aspergilosis was found. He is still coughing and producing lots of mucus - we had hoped that the taking ofAzithromycin would stop this but alas no.

Still it could be worse.

Take care everyone

Marion x

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Glad you have done that! Enjoy your holiday. Glad the diet is working too. Hope hubby has a great time.

Love and hugs


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You might find some of this useful - people with chronic lung infections may find it worth checking with their GP before flying as the changes in oxygen saturation levels and humidity can make breathing more difficult: Quoting

Modern aircraft are not pressurised to sea level equivalent. Cabin altitude equivalent is usually between 5,000 and 8,000 feet which means that there is a reduction in barometric pressure and a reduction in the partial pressure of alveolar oxygen (PaO2). Sometimes during flight, although not usually for long periods, oxygen saturation levels can fall to around 90%. A healthy individual can usually tolerate this with no problems but it may not be the same for someone with cardiac or respiratory conditions or with anaemia.

Aircraft cabins also have low humidity levels which can cause dryness of mucous membranes and also the skin.

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Hi, he had his fit to fly test at the hospital about a month ago and was found that he didn't need oxygen when flying. His oximeter levels register between 93 -96 when taken at home and he is working a full day . Heath wise he is the best he has been for a long time especially energy levels it's just the blasted coughing!

He will still be on the azirhromyxin while we are away - was wondering whether to ask gp for steroids for a stand by measure


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If you are worried and your husband uses steroids occasionally it would certainly make sense to take a stock with you as getting them locally could be time consuming. Plan for everything, prepare for a stress free holiday!

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