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YES I KNOW how crazy this sounds

I've been exposed to very high levels of Aspergillis, Stachybotros, Cladosporium & numerous others several times (it's complicated but I can explain if anyone wishes). In the past 5 months have lost 25 pounds, half my hair & so many weird health problems I can't fit them, e.g., my blood clots very strangely and black. STILL can't find a doctor who doesn't treat me like I'm crazy even though my skin is hyperplasia and breaking down. My doctor has found nodules in my lungs & uterus but doesn't consider mould an issue so I wait for further tests. My skin burns and itches.

Living out of a hotel right now (I know...not at all ideal) because I've had to leave 2 apartments because I seem to foul them. it may be my sister always visiting....She lives in the thick of it all but apart from some eczema doesn't suffer - then again I smoked heavily for years.

I have woken up with small holes in the sheets that weren't there the night before. When I order food it dries up and starts breaking down - some more than others (high fat content). It's so unbelievable I've taken photos because I would think it crazy if it weren't happening to me.

ANYONE else experienced anything like this????

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There is no such thing as crazy here, just people who get extremely anxious when they feel they are ill but their doctors are struggling to detect the problem.

Your symptoms don't sound like they are mould related to me, though lung nodules can be in very rare cases but that wouldn't account for your hair & skin complaints. Your doctors are best positioned to help you work through what sounds like complicated issues - you need to work with them to get through this.


Hello Franarchist!

I wonder if you think that the two apartments that you had to leave, were infested with mold and bacteria?

Best regards

from, Dorn.


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