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Greetings All~I'm new to the Trust. Yes!!! There is help!

Greetings All~I'm new to the Trust. Yes!!! There is help!

Greetings All~I'm new to the Trust. I look forward to getting to know you all as we navigate our journey living with Aspergillus poisoning.

On one hand I am delighted to have an answer to my many health concerns because then I'm able to work on the solution...on the other hand I am truly devastated at what I've been robbed of~my health~My dog and cat and most importantly the love and trust of my three children and what will soon be my ex husband!

I shall carry on and fight the good fight~including as soon as I am healthy enough~ utilize my political connections to assure more are aware of this insidious thing called Aspergillus~

Blessings of peace and healing energies being sent up and out to ALL who pass here~

Reverend RavenHawk Ruane HPs

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Hi - welcome to this site. It has really helped me understand what is involved with dealing with this disease - took my husband and myself along time to pronounce it let alone deal with what it has reduced my husband to.

My husband is still awaiting further tests to get to what is causing his ill health but all things are pointing to aspergillosis .

Good luck

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Many thanks for the response!

Yes...I agree that at least I now have an answer to all my health issues~ And...I believe I responded to one of your posts last evening. I feel for you and your husband~on top of the Aspergillus I am disabled and have chronic pain as I refuse more surgery~lol 7 spine is enough imo. Important to try and keep the spirit up. I was so depressed this am and a dear friend saw this and aided me out of the blues~Am actually going to see a band tonight!

Will keep you both in my prayers and many bright blessings being sent up and out~RevRavenHawk


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