Good Response with Cyramza/Taxotere

Last Friday I had PET/CT after 2 rounds of Cyramza/Taxotere. The results were amazingly good! Pleural thickening is basically gone and pleural effusion almost gone. Tumor shrunk and lymph node involvement totally reduced as well as SUV uptake down all around. No signs of any additional mets.

Round #3 was yesterday and we had to adjust steroid use as it was really messing with my GERD. No more oral-pre-during-post dexamethazone but they did give IV steroid yesterday before my infusion. Hoping this will keep side effects manageable.

I had had progression after carbo/alimta and alimta maintenance so I am cautiously optimistic that I can stay the course and reach NED with this treatment.

Managing the mouth/tongue/throat sores, GERD, hair loss and fatigue but so far, not as bad as the rounds of carbo/alimta were.

I think my oncologist was as happy as we were!


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8 Replies

  • So happy for your good response to this treatment. Praying for continued improvement.

  • Peg, so glad to hear your news, but really sorry for the side effects so many of you have to endure. Please continue to let us know how things are going - sending positive energy your way.

  • Peg, I truly hope this works for you. I am on the same plan.... they need to find something that works for all of us....... mouth sores were the worst part.

  • So happy for your great response. Hope it continues!

  • That is fantastic! God bless you and keep you in his heart.


  • Always good news when scans are good but those darn side effects just make you not quite as happy as you would like to be. Praying for more good news and decreasing side effects.🙏🏻

  • That is fantastic news! Side effects aren't great, but if you can tolerate them and reach NED it is worth it! praying for you

  • Peg , this is good news. My dad is going through same kind of cancer. He's having a lot of same side effects. I told him that a little pain now , is best for the greater, long term benefit. Like I tell him, you have to look at the bigger picture. Hang in there, sounds like things are looking up. ;)

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