Balance /weakness /muscle loss

My dad has been undergoing chemo therapy for almost a year , and had 3 weeks of radiation on his brain and lungs. After the radiation he complained of his balance feeling off and having difficulty walking. I've noticed his legs look thinner and his arms look like they've lost muscle. Has anyone experienced balance problems when walking or loss of muscle after their treatments ?

He just seems so weak.

Prayers for my dad..



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7 Replies

  • Yes, I had muscle loss, he needs to try eating healthy and protein or protein shakes. And try to walk or do leg lifts . Some to try and build muscle. When did your dad quit treatment. For me it was about 6 months before I gained stamina and strength. Now I have no balance problems and I am slowly building muscle again.

    Stay Strong Friend

    praying praying:)

  • Hi Texas64,

    I always look forward to hearing from you! His radiation stopped about 2 months ago. And he's had a once a week dose of carboplatin since. They also had him on a high steroid.

    He did his scans today, but we won't have results till Wednesday! The wait sucks!

  • Lisa my friend, I'm pretty sure as long as your dad is still on chemo he will have these symptoms. The steroids gave me good energy for a couple of days and then on the 4th day I slept like a rock for 24 hours. It is important your dad drinks Gatorade and water. Your daddy could be experiencing dehydration. I would call doctor and ask him if this could be something to consider. If so ask about getting infusions to hydrate him. Another thing could be a magnesium deficiency, I would ask Dr to take blood to see if this is the case. I take 1600 mg of magnesium oxide a day. It is good for heart, liver, brain and a hundred other things. The older we get our magnesium levels are less. Take vitamin d and have him sit in the sun 15 min a day. These are all things I did while going through treatment. I still do these things everyday. I hope this will help your daddy. He is very lucky to have you care for him. Just know that in southern Texas a group of Christian brothers and sister are praying for you and your sweet daddy on Wednesday nights and your name is in our church bulletin to pray for . Mercy, peace and healing for you both. God Bless

    In Christ❤️

  • Hi Texas64-

    You always seem to brighten my mood! I always tell my dad all the advice you give me and it means so much to us. I think you are right with the dehydration and magnesium levels. I had him sit in the sun on Saturday and he said it felt great! He also loved the fresh air. Thank you for praying for us and please extend my gratitude to the church. The support is very comforting. I also say a prayer for "Texas64" every night! Your prayers and words certainly bring us hope.

    With love-

    Lisa and her dad George ❤️

  • I hope all goes well for your dad and he gets stronger soon

  • My fatigue was crushing. My muscle loss and lost conditioning were Profound. There were times I needed help getting out of bed and walking a few steps to the cammode. There were times I needed help making it up the two stairs that led to my house from the garage. One pushing on pulling. I needed the walker to make it to the dinner table. I made a point of sitting down with family for at least one meal a day.

    It was winter when my treatment started but I insisted on trying to walk outside a bit each day. The act of bundling up took lots of energy. I would use the walker to head out the front door. For the first few days or weeks i could only make the side walk. I used the walker so I could rest before coming back in.

    Eventually, I made it the length of the sidewalk, then down the driveway, then across the street. When I started trying to walk a block or two we borrowed a wheelchair so I could push it or be pushed back in it. I never went alone. By spring I was walking half a mile, by summer a mile. Four years later I was walking in 5Ks.

    Three things that made a huge difference In my recovery were Pulmonary rehab, seated exercise at my senior center and the Livestrong program at my local YMCA.

    Patience and encouragement are your watch words here. Right now he's still recovering from treatment and it's a marathon not a sprint. Recovery from brain radiation takes time. Help him set small doable goals every week. Success will breed success.

  • Hi Denzie,

    Thank you so much for writing. This makes me feel a bit better knowing that others have experienced these side effects. It is concerning to see him walk unstable or need his cane to get himself out of bed. Sometimes he needs help getting off the couch. I remind him that even just walking a little bit is better than not walking at all. He feels so depressed having to rely on others to help him. This gets him down. He says he never imagined making a PBJ sandwich would be such a task for him or walking to the bathroom.

    Ever since he had the radiation the balance/muscle loss started to worsen. Hes been out of radiation for about 2 months so I imagine it will take at least 6 months to get better.

    Your story brings me so much hope, and I shared it with my dad. Thank you so much for the inspiring story. I hope my dads path is like yours.

    God bless-


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