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Gee Wiz I Never Knew That

Gee Wiz I Never Knew That

According to EPA radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.

Radiation as been quite a pass time of mine REMBER garnet worktops scandal decaying radon people are exposed too.

The say this no test BUT thats bull AS you can use piece of charcoal on worktop for 12 hours then when radons trapped in charcoal you can measure it using geiger counter.

Can also check garden for radon using same test.

Can thank marie curie for that tip bit

But the talk about smoking being big BOO WHO but dont talk of radon causing you dna mutations.

According to Epa this no safe leval of radon SO why is fracking going ahead.

Did you know you welding rods are radioactive also camping gas light mantels.

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Most states have a free radon testing kit. Check your states website.


Thanks Jeff and Denzie, you are right! I get the kits from our health department in Wisconsin and hand them out at our health fairs - people are very eager to learn about it and to test their homes. (Of course, we don't know how much longer the kits will be available for free - it all depends on the budgeting for the EPA). When I tested my home, it was high - so had to have it mitigated (a certified company came and fixed us up). Most health departments also list the certified contractors on their sites.

Try this link for lots of helpful information on the subject:


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