Prayers were answered

Hi all,

Just found out my scans show only scar tissue, as of now I am clear!!!!!!!! Doc said absolutely amazing response I now have to do preventive low dose radiation to brain and then keep fingers crossed for next three months. Doc said we have every reason to think it's gone for good. Thanks to everyone for thoughts and prayers.



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  • Praise God Rw! God is amazing all the time. I too got good news today on my scan. NO CANCER! Ned. Celebrate and enjoy every single minute of your 3 months. Give God the glory! He is withus and takes care of us always ❤️

  • This makes me so happy Texas64!!! What great news! God always takes care of us when we ask for help.

  • Thank you sweet girl❤️

  • Thanks and congratulations to you also

  • Fantastic news to hear Texas64!

  • Yippy. So happy for you! God is Great!

  • That is great news! Thank you for sharing, RwHayes!

  • Thanks Travis

  • What wonderful news!!!

  • So happy for your RWhayes.

    God is great, and we can always trust in his power to heal.

  • Thanks Lisa

  • So very glad for you and your family. You went through the most aggressive protocol and came through with good results. It doesn't get better than that.

  • Thanks Denzie,

    You and your success are a big part of the reason I have managed to keep a positive attitude most of the time. I know we are never really out of the woods but I feel like I'm over a big hill.

  • That's so fantastic. Thank you to the healing hands of the doctors guided by our Lord in Heaven.

  • That's so fantastic. Thank you to the healing hands of the doctors and the guiding of their hands by our Lord in Heaven.

  • Wonderful, wonderful news RwHayes!

  • Boy, what a relief! Love the good news!

  • That is so awesome.

  • So happy to hear your good news. Hope and pray for continued success!

  • That is wonderful news!!

  • RW,

    Glad to hear the news. Thanks for sharing!!

  • So Happy for you RW!! Prayers to you for continued good news!!

  • Rw, well you managed to light up the place - look at all these happy comments. Congratulations to you and to Texas. It simple does NOT get BETTER than this! Whoo-hoo, it is a Friday - celebrate! (Just beware of those April Fool kidders out there tomorrow!). Hugs everyone!

  • Wonderful, wonderful news!

  • RW,

    I am thrilled to read this wonderful news. You da man! Time for another steak dinner and another dekebration!

    This morning I read an article on preventive radiation to the brain - a brand new study has been published. You may want to check it out, and discuss it with your doctor as soon as you can.


  • Thanks Anita,

    Didn't get to see radiation doc yesterday , gonna see him Monday. But oncologist said the decision would be left up to me. He said they didn't offer it to all patients only the ones they thought had a good chance to benefit from it. Thanks for the info.!!!

    Best wishes,


  • I suggest you ask your radiation doctor about the article. It's so new, he may not know about it or have an opinion yet. Find out what kind of data lies behind the treatment recommendations they are making - are there studies? This is the perfect time to ask questions! I'm confident you will make as sound a decision as possible for yourself. Anita

  • Thanks I definitely will show it to him . Thanks again for your thoughts and info.

    Best wishes,


  • Hey RW that's such great news!!! God continue to bless you with complete healing. So happy to hear the good news😇🌺

  • Amen to that!!!

  • So happy for you,go out and celebrate!

    Great news

  • RW And... A different take on prophylactic brain radiation. Passing this on because you need to look at all sides. Your doctor will help you sort this out.

  • Although I am new here, I can feel the joy in your announcement RW and am adding my congratulatory response to the good news and am hoping that the next step that you take keeps the positivity going! God bless🙏🏻

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