The Miracle

The Miracle

I need to share my story. It not only goes to praise the advancements in cancer research, but to praise the Miracle of Prayer and Positive Thinking.

Yes. I was not going to die, even though the odds were not in my favor. I was diagnosed with Stage 4, inoperable Lung Cancer in both lungs, and sentenced to Chemotherapy in a horrid facility with the prognosis that I probably wouldn't make it two years. Thank you God and family. I am now six years later alive and well, and I owe it all to positive thinking and prayer. My family was not ready for me to leave this Earth and would not listen to any prognosis that said I was not going to beat this. Thank you to all who had only positive thoughts and prayers on my behalf. Moffitt Cancer Center was not about to let me expire, thanks to Dr. Jahnelle Gray, my thoracic oncologist and Dr. Stevens the head of Radiology at the time. Against all odds they decided to take me on and go full throttle. I am so grateful, there are no words to express. Moffitt Cancer Center is still the main caregiver for my cancer and I have a wonderful local oncologist, Dr. Michaela Scott, Vero Beach who has been a wonderful assist in my follow up visits. if I can be of any help to Free to Breathe, please feel free to contact me. I would love to be of help in any fight to conquer Lung Cancer.

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  • What kind of lung cancer do you have? , and what kind of treatments did you receive ? I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you! I'm also anxious to hear more details about your journey.

    Best wishes,


  • To GOD be the glory for your story. Please share more details the what type of cancer what treatment plan got you to this point. So many people can benefit from your journey. Thanks. Such a wonderful post

  • So happy you are doing so well. I think the power of prayer, family & positive attitude is huge asset in all cancers! Would like to know what type of treatment you had? God Bless you & your journey!!🙌🏻🙏🏻 Jenni

  • Oh Maggie, I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your story so generously with us. The Free to Breathe crew has sent you a response to your kind email to us, we would love to work with you! Hugs.

  • Thank you for your story. I am sitting here waiting for a bone scan and needed to hear something positive. I too believe staying positive helps. Thanks again.

  • Praying your bone scan is good!🙏

  • What a great story, Maggie Rose, thank you so much for sharing it! Blessed are the doctors who are willing to help you fight as hard as you want to.


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