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Oncologist has set me up with my plan of Battle: Next week I have to get a Port and also see Radiology Oncologist. I am supposed to start my Chemo (Taxol) on April 3rd. So Radiation Monday-Friday and Chemo on Monday's.

So what am I to expect. Am I going to be able to drive myself to these appointments? I don't have family here. My husband works. I am used to doing for myself. Is this going to be possible?

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  • Hi mytwins02

    I took Taxol in combination with Carboplatin. The only side effect I had was being tired. The combination of radiation and taxol will make you tired. On your first chemo treatment I would have someone drive you. The last 2 weeks I could not walk the 2 blocks to the Mayo Clinic because I was to weak. Everyone responds differently. So I hope this helps you some. Remember to stay hydrated and light exercise is very important. Eat your fruits and vegetables. By the second week of treatments I had no appetite but ensure and chicken noodle soup and Gatorade were my mainstay.

    Exercise helps boost your immune system

    In Christ

  • Thank You!!

  • You should be fine driving yourself to radiation, but take a buddy for the chemo infusions. You are taking the first steps up the steep hill. I wish you well. Stay strong, but don't forget to let yourself cry sometimes.

  • Thank you!

  • I'm getting a little better at the not crying part. I still feel like I'm in a nightmare and I will never wake up. Yeah and sometimes I see it on the faces of family and friends that they don't know quite what to say to me

  • Don't give up, it actually does get easier. You will ha e sone victories to celebrate!

  • Combining chemo and radiation can be quite debilitating after a while so you might want to arrange with some friends or members of your church. Also contact your local American Cancer Society to see if they have drivers available.

    Stock up on stool softener, laxatives and anti diarrhea meds as it can go either way.

  • Thanks I read about the either way part☹️

  • By the end of the 2nd week of radiation, is when the skin will start breaking down. I would suggest you talk to your radiologist about and olive oil based skin cream to help keep the skin lubricated,and less damage.

    Chemo,is gonna make you feel like hell. No two ways about it,especially if you have radiation immediately after infusion. You might see if you can arrange transport both to and from on chemo days. You will likey feel that bad.

    It isn't easy,but you can make it through to the other side.


  • Thanks for all the info. I know everyone is different. I'm trying to read about this Disease and get educated.

  • Wishing you the best. I would google search every cancer support group you can find. Also check with the cancer center where you're getting treatment they should have a social worker available with a list of all the resources in your area. Your husband may look to see if he has fmla policy. This will allow him to take those days as necessary to be by your side. You have enough going on, let someone do the driving and care. My sister has cancer and we learned of all these resources. Use them

  • Hope you do well with your treatmen! Get your fight song on!!!

  • Funny I listen to it all the time !

  • You will know what you're capable of doing and not doing once you get into the treatments.

    I pray you make out well with your treatments and that you are able to keep your independence. God bless you.

  • Thank you

  • Best wishes to you. Your time frame is about the same as mine was last spring. I did chemo and radiation at the same time. Where I live, radiation wasn't offered and I had a 2 hour drive to the town that did. I was lucky to have family there and stayed with them during the week and would go home on the weekends. The first 4 weeks weren't too bad and the last week of radiation was terrible. It was like I hit the wall. I was still able to drive home but had to stop at the rest area just to rest a bit. I think you should look at a back up plan. Take someone with you for the first chemo and radiation. Health problems are easier to deal with when you have a partner. As people are saying..keep hydrated and Ensure is your friend. Will keep you in my prayers.

  • I hate water but I think it will be my new best friend.

  • Everyone responds to treatments differently. My husband had Taxol and Carbo once a week & daily radiation for 33 days. He had very little side effects.....just being a little tired & constipated. I did go with him on the chemo appointments because of all the side effects everyone said he would get, which he had little to none. What really effected him was the "pre-meds" (high dose of Benadryl) knocked him out, very drowsy. Good luck with your treatment journey & stay strong! You CAN beat this! God Bless!!!! Jenni. Oh ~~~~ lots & lots of water!!! Stay hydrated!!! :)

  • I went through the same treatment and was only tired. I too am very independant and did drive myself to many radiation treatments but had my husband took me to chemo. I did start yoga for beginners and that was very helpful. It was on 15 to 20 min and was mostly stretching but it made me feel better. Good luck 🤓

  • I had to have someone with me to drive home, following getting my port. I believe it is more the anesthesia used that drove this requirement. Someone should (whoever is doing your port) contact you with further instructions that you will need to follow regarding food/liquid intake prior to the placement of the port.

  • Your treatment plan is what I had exactly a year ago. I was really blessed. My only side effect was on chemo day. My vision was impacted by the chemo but it cleared on day 2. Our hospital is about an hour from us. My husband did drive me daily but I could have done the radiation days if I had to. A back up plan is a good idea as I have seen others on this site gave side effects that I did not experience. Fatigue is the worst. So rest drink a lot if water and eat. Best wishes. Be strong and courageous as you fight this battle.

  • Thank you

  • I'm not into chemo or radiation. To me, they are killers. Is there no other plan available to you?

  • No. They never discussed anything else

  • I was told I needed a driver when I got my port. Although I remember parts of it, I would not have been alert enough to drive. As far as my treatments, I could have driven, but my daughter took off every week and took me.

  • I just finished cisplatin , etoposide along with radiation. And I was really weak and sick before I made it to the end. Best of luck and god bless

  • Thank u

  • Mytwins02,

    You might want to check out this resource:

    "ACS: Road to Recovery program

    The Road to Recovery program provides transportation to and from treatment for patients with cancer. Volunteers donate their time and use of their vehicle to assist patients who need help getting to their treatments. Patients can enter a zip code online to see if rides to treatment are available in their area."

    They might have volunteers in your area if you need that service!

    Best of luck as you move forward, please let us know how it goes.

  • The first time for me image sure someone was with me, the second time I could have gone by myself but he came with me to each time.We are both retired. We also had lunch during the process that helped a lot good luck cf

  • Mytwins02,

    Hello. I just came across your post. How is your treatment going? Is your port working out for you? I love my port. I went through a round of chemo and radiation without it. That was brutal for me. Sometimes the nurses couldn't find a vein and had to poke me over and over. I had the port put in and it made my life so much easier.

    Are you able to drive yourself to your trtreatments? I could drive but my two sons wouldn't have it. One of them takes me to my doctor appointments and treatment after. I have been put on immunotherapy called Keytruda. I have one infusion every three weeks. So far it has been much easier on me than the chemo was. I find out next month if I am doing well enough to stop treatment. I sure hope so.

    I hope you are doing well. My prayers are with you. Have a nice evening.

    Kathie A. Solus to find me on Facebook if you want to chat.

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