Lung cancer need not be a life sentence

Just joined. Male 61 with squama cell carcinoma.Operated on 12/12/16 (Vats) Everything went well for a few days then back to OR for a massive air leak, that time was the rib slice. Was told hospital 2-3 days, stayed 21 days waiting for air leak to close. Had valves put in twice and waited. My drain tube was in for three months, removed 3/4/17, thank God. Healing well, no chemo or radiation in future I am told. Most of the right lung is gone but I am feeling pretty good and gaining some weight back. Little shortness of breathe but I am now a unilunger. Best to all fighting this disease. AND YES I STOPPED SMOKING!!!

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  • Bakey,

    Two congratulations are in order - first, on getting through a very rigorous surgery and recovery, and starting to regain your strength. Second, congratulations on quitting smoking. It's a hard thing to do, but you have done it - high five!

    Sending my best wishes that your recovery continues to pick up steam, and that your treatment proves to be successful.


  • Bakey, an inspiring story! You are a survivor, keep going! We take for granted sometimes how things can go wrong but you kept fighting with grit! Sure you feel much better without the tubes! Now go eat cake instead of smoking. I too quit the day they told me there was something in my lung and they said it made me much healthier for the surgery, even after just a couple months.

  • Bakey,

    Ouch, the journey sounds terrible, but the results are pretty great. Welcome, and congratulations!

  • Congratulations on quitting smoking. My husband never could and would use a nebulizer then go smoke. He had a cigarette the day he went into a coma and only lived 4 days. I also had the drain tube for 3 months and it sure was painful to remove. Keep up the good work now that you've turned a corner in your health. 😊

  • Thanks for sharing your story..You are a survivor!! congratulations!

  • Glad to hear you are feeling better. The post op course can be a bumpy ride and yours was a lot bumpier than most. The post op course is a long one, but things do improve with time.

    Wishing you smooth sailing from now on


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