Mum finally diagnosed, trying to be positive

Hello all, so after nearly 3 months of tests and scans my mum has been diagnosed with NSCLC (Adenocarcinoma) in her right lung and she is due to have a second biopsy on her left lung this week as the consultant suspects that she has another very small primary lung cancer in her left lung (this showed on the pet scan but not on the chest X-ray or ct scan) She has been told that she will have surgery to remove the tumour in her right lung and radiotherapy on the left side. The consultant mentioned in the letter to her GP that taking her general health into consideration along with the stage they are looking at cure. It is a relief to finally have a diagnosis and it appears to be early stage but I can't help feeling very anxious and worried 😐

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  • MissyD1,

    How exciting for your mom, that her doctors are treating her with curative intent! I'm sending best hopes that she gets through surgery and radiation well, and recovers from treatment quickly. Encourage her to stay as active as possible, it will help.


  • Thank you Anita. I will pass that on, my mum is very tired at the moment but trying to keep busy. Hopefully her treatment will start soon x

  • It is so great to hear a story of hope! Very happy for you and you mom that they are talking cure!! Congratulations!! Enjoy each new day and have a great time

  • Thank you Anrean. Sending you best wishes too x

  • This is a really scary time for both you and your mom, but so glad she has you to support her through this. Sending you both a big hug.

  • Praise the Lord it was found early. It sounds like she is now headed in the right direction.

    God bless you all.

  • MissyD1,

    Thank you for sharing your mom's news. Tough work ahead, but all for the good, it is a blessing she has you by her side. Remember to take care of yourself, too...the strain can take its toll. If you'd like to talk, or need any information (support groups for caregivers?, etc) please let me know. Would love to help. 844.835.4325

    Thanks for keeping in touch, look forward to hearing more. Hug your mom for me!

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words! I am so glad I found this forum! Sending you all big hugs and I will keep you in my prayers xx

  • Sounds like they caught it early! You have every reason to be hopeful. Good luck to Mum.

  • Thank you Brigidk x

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