Day One as Your Community Blogger


I now have a title in this community - "Blogger". I will be posting weekly blog posts on topics of interest to us - the first one just went up. I hope you like reading it.

I am working with Travis and other community leaders to research and write about topics of interest to us all. New treatments, treatment-related issues, what it's like to try to LIVE with this pesky cancer, these are the kinds of subjects I want to write about. I don't know everything; many of you have much more experience with treatments that I have not experienced yet. I'll be learning right alongside everyone else, and sharing what I learn along the way of this crazy adventure we call being a stage 4 cancer patient.

If you have an idea that you would like me to explore, let me know. Feedback is always gratefully accepted.

Now I'm off to travel through the notorious snow belt on the eastern side of Lake Ontario, as we drive from northern New York to western New York. Tomorrow I visit the CT scanner at Roswell Park Cancer Institute and find out if Tagrisso is still hanging in there for me. Please cross your fingers for me.


6 Replies

  • So glad you are a blogger for us - what a gift!!!

    Best of luck on your CT, we'll all be thinking about you.


  • Fingers are crossed, prayers are sent. I trust you will have a good scan. Please let us know.


  • Thanks RW!

  • Congrats on the position. They've selected an awesome advocate. Proud to call you my friend!

  • Congrats on your volunteer badge! You are no slouch as an advocate yourself, and I'm very glad you are my friend as well.

  • PS: hoping for a great scan.

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