Thankful to have someone to talk to

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and advise. I'm trying to stay positive which I think will get easier once we are doing treatments of some kind. Right now I just feel like I'm doing nothing. I'm thankful though to still be able to work for now, also anxious to see how treatments will effect me. I'm being treated at cancer treatment centers of America in Atlanta Ga. I'm sure they will discuss any clinical trials that I'm elligable for. I have never used facebook or twitter in my life but I am thankful for this community it's the only place I feel like it's ok to talk about it.

Thanks everyone,RW

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  • There's an instant kinship that seems to accompany cancer patients. Its great to be surrounded by people who have been there.

    CTCA does have patient groups if I remember correct. It's extremely empowering to sit with other patients and vent about issues we face. If I'm wrong and they don't this link will connect you to a Cancer Support Community or a Gilda's Club near you.

  • Thanks Denzie,


  • I understand your feelings. I was discharged from the hospital December 18th 2014. With my new diagnosis of lung cancer and told by the Oncologist that I had a year, maybe two. (If there are any doctors reading this, please do not tell a newly diagnosed cancer patient a time even if they ask for a prognosis. Tell them everyone is different in how they respond to treatment. because that one year got in my thought processes and I believe that I would have died in a year if I wasn't introduced to a lady who was 3 1/2 year with no evidence of disease after Stage 4 lung cancer with pancreatic mets. She gave me hope when I had none.) That time of the year with the Christian and Jewish holidays I couldn't get an appointment. Also, you have to be out of the hospital so many days before you can get a PET scan to understand the extent of the cancer for staging. My year to live was ticking away a day at a time while I waitied. Once things started after the holidays, they moved welll. Definitely buy the book Anti Cancer A New Way of Life. The book was so helpful for me to read Dr. Schriebers story and other people's stories of hope. Dr Schreiber talks about changing the bodies terrain, to make the body in a state that the cancer can't survive in. It includes food, avoiding paraben, methyl paraben in everyday products etc. Whatever the trial is that you are enlisted in, try to boost your immune system to help. Best of luck. Sending prayers your way.

  • 😜Great and kind reply. ..we all need to hear these uplifting stories. Thanks

  • RwHayes Hi i'm Jo and your so right we are like a family here. We can talk we can cry,we can vent and we can listen. Every one on here will be here for you. Its a fantastic site to be on. Please let us know whats going on. Jo Taylor

  • RwHayes - You truly are among friends on this site.

    We have all been in your place, we all have different, but the same, cancer experiences. Each person and the treatment for them is different to one degree or another, and everyone on this site probably tends to find a nice level spot that I call "The Coasting Phase".

    You stop worrying too much, you have learned to take it one day at a time, and after the initial shock of being told you have "Cancer!" wears away, you will slowly get back to a pretty normal life, with some limitations from time to time.

    Spend a lot of time here, reading all you can read. Don't worry if you are reading a post by someone with a totally different cancer than you. It's still cancer, and people react the same way to whatever cancer they have. I realized that with my second cancer diagnosis. My reaction was the same as the first cancer diagnosis, and it was a totally different cancer.

    So read, read, read. Ask questions and be your own best advocate and just know here on this site, you are among friends.

    Mike "Serrecko" March

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