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Learning all I can

Learning all I can

I am so glad to have found this web site. I have been looking for a support group. My husband has small cell lung cancer. He was diagnosed in July. We go to the Cancer Center at KU. He has had Chemo which he did pretty good on. Tired and nausea mostly. We are getting ready for Radation and wondering what to expect. I have found that Drs. downplay the side effects. He will have 15 treatments in groups of 5. I look forward to learning a lot and already have read some posts and got some good ideas. Thank you all.

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Hi Kibben and welcome:

I'm glad you found us! This site is a great way to get information from your peers.

We also have another resource that lets you talk to Free to Breathe directly if you have any questions. Our Patient Support line is 844-835-4325. We can also help inform you what to expect.

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Kibben - Welcome to the site! I hope your husband is doing okay today you can only hope for the best, take what comes your way, and fight like hell throughout.

I have HPV Lung Cancer that is inoperable, however, I did go through radiation and chemotherapy fighting cancer #2, HPV Throat Cancer. I know the doctors I had for cancer number 2, would not let me be in pain while undergoing my treatments. And with throat cancer, the pain can get out of hand, quickly. So the best advice I can give you and your husband is to ALWAYS make sure your pain in under control and your doctors are totally in the loop.

Oh, and post here often, read what is hear, and use the internet to research what you have an interest in, or post more questions.

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Welcome, Kibben, we are so glad you are sharing your story with us. I agree that you need to make sure you share all the symptoms and side effects with your husband's medical team - they can only help when they know what is going on. Hang on tight to one another and please keep in touch with us, we want to walk this with the two of you. Hugs. P.S. Great photo!!!


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