I don't know which way to turn any more,i'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. First it was breast cancer had a mastectomy its okay its been five years. two years later and its lung cancer they took out my left upper lobe. Had six months chemo have been in remission ever since,at least I think so. I have emphesema and i'm on oxygen. Six months ago they found a cyst on my left ovary it was 1.2cm. Had a recent ct scan,they do blood work before they do it. Mine showed my kidneys are'nt working right they couldn't give me the contrast. The cyst was2.8 cancer dr was worried because he said it grew to fast in six months he's thinking the cancer has come back. He sent me to get a ultra sound it showed it is 3.3cm he also sent me to a gynacolagist. It worried her also. Weman of my age the ovaries have shrung up to all most nothing they should not be able to see them but supposely my left ovary looks like a younger woman and thats not normal plus the cyst. I go back to her in six weeks for another ultra sound. She wants to send me to indy to get it out she says I have too much wrong with me and she wants me in abigger hospital in case something goes wrong its a big trauma center. I"M scared to death. I don't know which way to turn any more. I found this I thought it would help.Because I do believe in angels. Angel of Care TAKE heart,for if life seems unkind and you have troubles too theres someone who you can not see. Who'lltake good care of you. For you have a Guardian Angel whose loveis very real and love makes life seem bearable however bad you feel. You know I love this site and everyone on it you all are very wonderful people. Love Jo

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  • Jo, am thinking of you and can only imagine all that you have been through. You are a strong person and I know you have helped many others with your kindness. Please let us know if we can help in any way. If you just want to talk, we are here for you: 844.835.4325.

  • @FtB_Mary Thank you . You know this site and all the people help me as much as I have helped them. I really care it makes me feel good to know i've helped someone on here.they are really wonderful people trying to find a way to survive. I know how they feel. Mary you and the other admins are just great. Your all here for us too and I want you to know that it means alot. thank you again if I really need to talk I most defintally will call. @JO

  • I am so glad that this site exist so that we all have a forum to just let out. Thank you for sharing and know that we are all thinking of you and sending you positive and caring thoughts.

  • I am so sorry you're going through this trial of life. For me, th not knowing is the worst part. I wish the day the doctor finds abnormalities that there was a way for the testing to continue until the problem is identified.

    I pray you get answers soon. I have read some of your responses on other's post and you are an encouragement to everyone.

    May God strengthen and bless you.

  • Good morning Jo,

    God bless you ! Man are you going through it. The fear of the unknown is the absolute worst. I'm praying for you, strenth for waiting, Peace no matter what and lots of love to get you through!

  • Jo, please just relax into whatever you are feeling and let others care for you for a little bit. You are tired from the fight, and from all the love you give to others. That is natural. Your fighting Spirit just needs to rest and let the energy come back. It will happen, you'll be swinging again very soon. But taking a break, and letting those emotions run their course, is really ok! Hugs to you, Jo. You are not alone.

  • FtB_Peggy Thank you for helping me to pick up the pieces and put me back together again. I'm trying to be strong but you know you have a limit and I have met mine.It will take me awhile this was one to many and it pushed me over the edge.But i'm going to climb back over that edge. thank you for caring. I just love to help everyone I truly believe this is my calling to be there for others. Peggy you are a sweetheart,you have a very caring nature. Jo

  • I haven't for gotten the rest of you who have answered my post.Thank you so much it means alot to me. Jo

  • Hey Jo. From your post I assume you are not seeking treatment at a cancer research facility. I live in Mississippi. After my diagnosis of NSCLC, the pulmonary doctor I was seeing scheduled surgery for the following week to remove the lobe where the tumor was located. Before I let anyone cut on me, I wanted a second opinion. I went to MD Anderson in Houston, TX which is an 8 hour trip from my home. At this cancer research hospital I found out that I was not even a candidate for surgery due to my poor lung function . If I had that surgery, I would have had a very poor outcome. With your history I would immediately go to the nearest cancer research hospital for treatment. If you are not sure where that is, google it. Now! You need to go as soon as possible. These facilities have state of the art equipment and physicians on the cutting edge of cancer treatment and research. Be proactive in your care! Don't be passive and take one doctors word as gospel. I will be praying for you.

  • How are you Jo?

    Thinking and praying for you!

  • I am so sorry, Jo. And again, you never have to apologize for feelings. They are what they are. And you are among friends! If you would like me to send you a link to a site that can help you find NCI designated Cancer Centers, just let me know. Whatever you decide, it is, of course, up to you. But second, third, and even fourth opinions aren't a bad idea if you choose to do that. Please just trust yourself, even the moments when you just want to cry...or scream...you just need to let that out. That's how we humans work, right? Hugs, and caring thoughts.

  • Hi SusieJo-1948 , I was reading your post about your cyst. Don't see where you posted anymore about it. I'm pretty much having the same situation myself. Did you get it out? I just had ca125 blood test. It was negative. Really worried. Ruby🌹

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