Going in for surgery Friday for lobectomy on right lung. Diagnosed with mass on right lung in addition to another primary cancer in my left lung (which will be dealt with after my surgery on the right) Stressed out and scared. Was told this is adino (sp?) type of cancer and is NOT caused by smoking. Was also told chances are I will not have to go thru chemo or radiation. I'm hoping this is the case. I fear this surgery altho reading many posts, some have had the whole lung removed, etc., much worse than my situation. Again, this cancer was found by accident. Had a slight tickle/cough, my primary chalked it up to allergies..it continued..I changed primary dr. and he immediately sent me for a chest xray, this is how it all began. Anyone who had a lobe removed from their lung, I would welcome your comments about the procedure and recovery. God Bless!

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  • Thank you for posting. Wishing you all the best on Friday and hope that your recovery goes well. Take care.


  • Thank you Mary

  • I had lower lobe removed from right lung 6 years ago in December. Found by a new pcp in October 2010. Woke up in ICU with a chest tube etc. 3 days later, home a few days later. Just saw Onc. Yesterday for recent cat scan. Next scan in December had chemo and radiation after surgery. SBRT radiation last April only 4 days. Recent scan ok per oncologist for now. She advised me if more treatment needed, immunotherapy the new way to go vs chemo. Good till December scan for today. Prayers are with you... Cancer Sucks!!!

  • Thank you so much! Continued good news for you and yes, cancer does suck!

  • I had a lobectomy on my upper right love about 2 1/2 years ago, and was also very scared. My surgeon explained exactly what he was going to do, which was scary but also let me know exactly what was going to happen. The anesteoloigt gave me an epidural, which also was scary for me, but so glad she did it since it help with the pain. I was then in the cardio-icu for 2 nights following my surgery and 1 night on the cardio floor of the hospital. They got me up walking next day, and continued to encourage me to walk etc. if you feel any plain tell the nurses, so they can give you something for it. I kept telling myself over and over in my head that if others could undergo what I needed then I could also. Think positively and keep a positive attitude. We look forward to hearing from you after the surgery. Sending you positive and healing thoughts.

  • Thank you so much Steph. Surgeon explained everything to me too, also got the pamphlet in the mail describing the whole procedure. I've seen alot of posts mentioning an epidural..I don't think that was discussed in my case. Will definitely keep positive and I appreciate your response. Best to you!

  • The anestiologist was the one who indicated that she was going to do the epidural. So when the anestiologist calls you th night before your surgery ask about it. Also forgot to mention that you should inquire if they can do genetic testing on the tissue they remove. I had it done and was very informative and also confirmed for me that I should have chemo, even though I was at stage 1B, but my cancer was growing near the center of my chest where there is a lot of blood flow. Sending you good thoughts. Treat yourself to something you enjoy today to take your mind off of tomorrow.

  • I will do that, thank you. My dr. told me he'll be taking lymph nodes out also (although there is no evidence of cancer anywhere but my lungs). He also told me he feels no chemo or radiation will happen..I'm hoping this is the case. He said this is a slow growing Adeno..cancer...Guess I'll find out soon enough. Thanks for your support, definitely plan on enjoying this day as much as possible! Thanks again.

  • Just keep your faith in God I will be praying I have sage3a small cell carcinoma it in remission in i know God going to heal me in his time God bless remember Jesus love you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • That's great news! God Bless.

  • HI I am a thirteen year one lung survivor. I had stage 3b attached to my heart. They took out my entire left lung. Make sure you go to respiratory rehab because it helps you to know exactly how you are going to feel when you walk, or exercise.

  • Wow, that's awesome! Thank you for the advice and you keep going strong!

  • I had a right lower lobe removed in 2000. The surgery was find. They put in a epidural, to put meds in after surgery, and they give u a morphine pump after as well in case we need it for pain. After four days they take u off the meds and discharge u the next day. At that time u will feel like a Mack truck hit u. The pain is pretty intense. I just want to be honest with u. The doctor is going to give u lots of pain pills for home and liocaine pads. Don't be afraid to take them. Right after surgery you will have a chest tube, to let the drainage. Again u will be on pain pump in the hospital. About the pain after discharge. It is gonna hurt, use pain pills and u will get through it. I had to have another lung surgery in 2009. I did. The pain didn't stop me from having surgery again. Pray and ask for help. You will do fine. It was worth it. I am alive enjoying my grand children. Please let me know how u are doing. God bless. Hope this helps.

  • Yes, this helps alot..thank you so much. Did you have your second surgery on the same lung? Did you required chemo or radiation after the 1st surgery? Yes, I'll be going thru it again after I recover from this surgery tomorrow...next will be left lung. You are absolutely right, it will be worth it..I have too much to live for and I will get thru this. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I will be back on when it's all over and I feel up to it. Stay well and God bless you too.

  • I also had a wedge on my right upper lung on June16 2016 and everything went great they kept me pretty much pain free They put in a epidural, to put meds in after surgery, and they give u a morphine pump after as well They got it all had none in my lymph nodes Did you required chemo or radiation after but I also have one in my left lung witch is very small but did lite up on pet scanty lungs are very bad from Cร”PD and its to small to biopsy so in Sept I go in for other pet scan to see if it has grown and if it did they will try chemo or the sieber knife I wish you the best you will do just fine Debbรฎe

  • Glad to hear you're doing well. They might be able to zap it out on your left lung. I'm still recovering but will be going in for the segments on the left in a few weeks. My Oncologist did mention chemo said it was a standard procedure..once every 3wk, 4x..but said we'll discuss after my left lung surgery. Best of luck to you!

  • So great to hear from you - sounds like things went well and I am glad you are being patient with yourself as you heal.

    Our bodies are amazing, aren't they...

    Warmest wishes to you in the days ahead!

  • Thank you so much. This site has been an amazing support group for me.

  • @ktm64 Hi i'm @Jo Taylor I had a lobectomy they took the upper lobe on my left side. I was afraid before the surgery. I don'tknow about your surgery. I was taken to the icu overnight,they do that to make sure every things alright. than they take you to your room.They kept me 7 days but I was told that was normally how long they keep you. you'll have drainage tubes. I did okay and hopefully you will too. I'll be thinking of you. wishing the best for you.

  • Thank you Jo. Happy you're doing well now.

  • Hi KTM, I had a wedge resection 31/2 yrs. ago. No chemo or radiation. You say your having lobe removed from right lung and having no chemo or radiation. Wondering how they will deal with other lung. Good luck to you.๐Ÿ˜Š Here it is Friday already. Before you know it, it will be done and over with. Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi Ruby, sorry it took awhile to get back on here. The right lung lobectomy was successful as I recover, I'll be getting ready for the left lung segment removal 2 segments. My Oncologist mentioned chemo but said we'll discuss after left lung is done..standard procedure, once every 3 weeks, 4x...lowers the recurrance rate by 5%, anything helps, right? We shall see. Everyone is mentioning having a epidural..didn't have one nor did I have a morphine drip. Right now, my ribs are sore and the incisions are annoying..other than that, all good. My breathing is still slightly labored but I'm working on it. Sorry, kinda drifted, in answer to your question, the right was a lobectomy, the left will be 2 segments (another surgery). Take care and best of luck to you also!

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us. We will be holding you in our thoughts today as you walk through this intense time. Virtual hugs.

  • Wondering how you're doing post surgery. We're they able to remove it by the less invasive VATS surgery?

    You mentioned that the cancer on the left lung is some type of adenocarcinoma that is more prevalent in non smokers. Is it ALK+, EGFR+ or ROS1+? These are managed with targeted therapies. Did they say it is Lepeidic with mucinous features? Also know as adenocarcinoma in situ or bronchioalveolar carcinoma? If that was the diagnosis it is very slow growing and may not require further treatment for decades. They will monitor it regularly by CT.

    Best hopes for an excellent clinical outcome.

  • Thanks for inquiring. My first time back on computer since my procedure on 7/22. Yes, VATS surgery. I'm still having trouble breathing and if trying to take a deeper breath, have coughing episodes...I'm scheduled for my post op check up tomorrow. I really can't answer those questions you pose. I do know however, it is a very slow growing cancer.

    I thought the surgery would give me 4 holes (similar to a gall bladder laproscopy) but no, there are 4 incisions probably 4" long..I was shocked to see them! Still beats the old way, being sliced open with a much longer recovery time.

    Thanks again and thank you all for your support.

  • Make sure you ask your dr about pulmonary rehab. It helps get you ready for your new breathing pattern so you don't get so freaked out about having trouble breathing.

  • thank you...will be seeing pulmonologist in about 10 days...right now the breathing exercises at home I can only get up to 1500...the cough is horrible. Suggested allergy med..robitussin and f/u w/pulmonologist which is scheduled.

  • Hello KTM64, I have been following your posts and have an almost identical story. I have had a right middle lobectomy and plan to have second mass removed on my right lung in Nov/Dec. At this time no chemo and radiation is being suggested. The removed adenocarcinoma cancer mass in my right middle lobe was stage 1b. The left side has a much smaller mass appears to be stage 1 and very similar.

    I hope you and I both get through this and have good luck. Michael P.

  • Hi Michael, seeing my surgeon and oncologist tomorrow, f/u visit from my second surgery and I'm sure to discuss next steps. 2nd surgery (the sections removed) was alot longer recovery than the lobectomy..I feel I'm still recovering and it's been 5 wks! Here's hoping we do get thru this, and we will! Best of luck to you also.

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