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What is the best neurosurgery Hospital in the North West

I have TN Trigeminal neuralgia and I'm looking for the Hospital with the best track record to perform MVD operations (Micro Vascular Decompression). I understand Salford is very good in overall care but maybe someone can recommend a neurosurgeon they have experiance withwhich is really good and has performed many MVD operations.

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I have not heard of your condition or the procedure you mention but I do have personal experience of Salford Royal. I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage (bleed on the brain) a year ago and received two months of care which was second to none. The surgeon saved my life with some very complicated and delicate manoevering, up through my groin to my brain where they installed a titanium coil to fix the problem.

The doctors and nurses in ICU are highly trained, efficient and very caring. I know that people come to Salford from all over the world to benefit from their high level of expertise.


Hi Cat,

Thank you for your reply. It reassures me this is a good hospital and confirms what I found on the NHS hospital site. Trigeminal neuralgia is a very painful condition also known as 'tic douloureux' and 'the suicide disease', its face pain of the worst kind. One of the three facial nerves is being pressed by a vain and reacts with misfiring of pain signals. Everyone with TN has different pains, from pain shoots through the head to tooth pain and a burning pressing sensation in the cheekbone or ear area. Medication is heavy 'anti convulsants' and not always effective. An MVD operation is one of many operation options; they insulate the vain with Teflon wool so the pressure is taken off the nerve. Kind of scary because they drill a hole in your head and it's all too close to the brain and permanent face numbness is a possible unwanted outcome (like a dental anaesthetic but permanent) therefore finding the right hospital is so important. Thanks again.


Dear Moby, Yes, you are talking very delicate stuff and if it were me I would be happy to put myself in the hands of Salford neurosurgeons for such a procedure. Although I was not conscious last time they saved my life, I would consciously put my life in their hands again.

The hospital its self is immacculately clean & state-of-the-art.

Good luck m'dear. cat x


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