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I have non diabetic neuropathy I have been in pain for years my legs cramp up so bad I can't move I'm wondering if it's due to shoes


I have non diabetic neuropathy it's inherited I have been in pain for years so much pain you feel like you're not going to make it but you do I have been getting leg cramps all over again I'm wondering if it's due to shoes that I'm wearing since my arches have collapse

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I have non-diabetic numbing Neuropathy & I have checked my blood sugar, every other day for several years. It's always good. Pressure in the area behind my toes, has cause an ulcer (hole) behind my little toe on my (L) foot (had to have bone removed there) & one behind my big toe on my (R) foot. That one I treat & redress daily & it's getting better. My Podiatrist did change my diagnoses so, I could get diabetic shoes. The New Balance shoes I received through a catalog, at his office, I'm having them sent back because New Balance did not leave enough room between the top & bottom of my feet plus the insert. New Balance, are going to remake the shoes.

I have found great relief from CBD balm I use "nordic goddess" we do not smoke or eat the products. Our pain doctor suggested we try it. I don't have terrible leg cramps up to my knees, anymore, the feet top and bottom of my feet still tingle but are a mild anoniance. I take 2 gabapentin at night to sleep but balm made the leg cramps go aways 99% of the time. Hope this helps.

Magnesium Oil by Better You on Amazon may help 😊

I get excruciating leg cramps too, but only occasionally - I wish I knew what caused it. All I can find is to be careful about dehydrating and to have enough magnesium and calcium. Where do you get the nordic goddess balm, carol5144? I really do sympathise, Bellablue, it is so painful and frightening.

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see if doc will get you medical marijuana card.... or a marijuana facility there you can buy oil (hemp oil) cbd oil and nordic goddess balm. We don't smoke or eat edibles just balms it was embarrassing to go get it but balm & cbd oil really works.

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Is it available in the uk, do you know?

I do stretches, go to the gym 3 times a week to improve my muscles and have elinated bread, pasta and rice from my diet. I am doing much better. Suggest you see a physio to get advice on stretches.

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