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Tingly fingers and toes :(

Hello everyone :) I’m 30yr old female new here a little nervous about these symptoms I’ve had over the pay few days. My fingertips and sometimes hands are tingly and sometimes my toes.(when it affects my hands it’s usually pinky area back part of hand up to my elbow) When I’m in motion or moving I can’t feel the tingling if it’s occurring it comes and goes. When I lay down at night it feels better especially if my arms are straight out. I don’t have pains or anything just tingly feeling. A little background info 10 years ago I was found to be slightly b6 deficient vitamin d deficient and I have a subdymenal benign cyst. They did various test and said I was perfectly fine and it was proably attributed by stress as I was going through a horrible time at that time. More recently I feel like I am under a lot of stress. Could this be anxiety related? Going to get me some good vitamins and see what happens.

Thanks in advance ;)

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Have you had your B12 tested ? Also your thyroid ?


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