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Diagnosed with Idiopathic Neuropathy

Hi, I'm new here so still getting used to the idea of talking about myself.

I'll be back in a few days to tell my story. I want to read more posts from other members first.

Thanks.... Ameka

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Hello, nice thing with this forum is knowing you're not alone. Hope you find some posts that help you.


HI.... it is a great comfort to know this. I have begun to tell my story.


Do you know your B12 level ? A result below 500 can present with neurological issues ....


Hi .... Thanks for your reply. I will ask my Dr about my B12 levels.


You are legally entitled to have copies of all your test results with ranges and after Friday the new law states no charge can be made ! It's a good way of monitoring your own health and checking what has been missed :-) Also thyroid - if low this two can cause unexplained sensations in the body .... something the Docs miss daily with incorrect testing and B12 is not included in a Full Blood Count - it has to be additionally requested ....


Thanks Marz, for all that information. I'm sure the laws in Canada are similar. We do have to be proactive with our health issues these days.

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Apologies ! Had overlooked the fact you are in Canada 😊


Click onto Signs and Symptoms on the Menu. Neurological ones come first ...


Hi, I also have neuropathy and restless leg syndrome. I have had a few surgeries and it seems after that is when I started with the issues. Have you had surgery and could it be related?


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