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Just A Thought for Some with PN: Tibial Nerve Dysfunction ?


I'll let those of you to whom this may apply internet search engine it for yourself and just consider if it might be applicable to your situation - it's just a thought to consider for me and for you. I've taken steps to reduce this occurrence in my leisure time - we'll see what the new neuro thinks.

Ok, as I stated in earlier posts, my local neurologist is stumped (which is common with PN) as to the cause of my PN. I have an appointment in June with a specialist neuro at a large regional hospital.

One of my last Qs or ideas on what may have caused - be causing my PN just occurred to me: Though I am blessed with the ability to be - and am still - very active, I often sit in a reclining couch with my feet up for prolonged periods - 2 to 3 hrs. Coincidentally ? about the same time I started doing so (five years ago), my initial PN symptom presented onset. When I sit during these periods, I cross my legs with one knee consistently resting against the back (calf) of the upper leg - thus creating pressure on the calf and consequently on the tibial nerve which runs through that area to the lower leg / foot. On more than one occasion, my upper leg - which has my lower knee jabbing into its calf - has been somewhat numb from the knee down when I finally arose or uncrossed my legs. SOOOOOO - I search engined "pressure on tibial nerve" and found that in an article or two "Tibial Nerve Dysfunction" can be caused by many factors, including pressure on the tibial nerve. I didn't discern how much pressure and for how long, as I waned to get on here and at least throw it out there b4 I forgot about you guys. The key point was that the articles said damage or pressure can present PN symptoms in the feet and lower legs.

So, if you're yet to be diagnosed as to cause / origin of your PN, consider if you have had any event which could have resulted in pressure or damage to your tibial nerve - at any place it runs throughout your lower leg - or if there could be a narrowing of the nerve canal through which it runs.

Like I said, it's a shot in the dark, but something else for you and your doc to consider. Good luck. I'll let you know what my new neuro thinks and if he performs any test to check the tibial nerve function. Rory

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Good luck Rory....did you ever end up getting a nerve biopsy...my 2 neuros suggested that... I said no ?

rory1957 in reply to parasann

No. We have reached that point in the attempt to diagnose but since my local neuro referral to a specialist neuro is in June, I believe the specialist neuro will assume direction of my treatment from that point. I was not looking forward to the nerve biopsy, either.

I am also foregoing messing around with glyphosate (lawn herbicide) so much. Still suspicious about potential damage from absorption contamination.

Thanks and good luck to you.

rory1957 in reply to parasann

I went to the Barne's Neuro last Wednesday the 27th of June. He did a physical exam, looked at my charts / tests and told me that my neuropathy would be, "...little more than an aggravation. You will not become disabled from it. Most forms such as yours stop mid-shin, and you are just below that. Go out and run, hunt, hike and whatever else you want but just keep an eye on your feet because they don't send the signals to you - when there is a problem - like they used to . " He told me not to do long runs (which I quit a few years ago). I asked about several possibilities (toxins in yard chemicals, tibial nerve dysfunction, earlier foot surgery, etc., and he said he would be interested in seeing my toxicity levels - but the levels, even if high, would not be a definitive yes / no on cause of my neuropathy. He added that the tibial nerve is too deep to cause the problem...HOWEVER, he said that sitting with feet up for a prolonged period of time was not good for anyone. He added that legs crossed knee crevice over back of knee (like a woman typically does when wearing a skirt) is not good and can cause peroneal nerve problems. So, the good news is that I'm supposed to level off in my symptoms, with no spread or debilitating long term effect, but there is still no determination of cause. I avoid crossing my legs, etc., and I'm trying not to contaminate myself with Round Up, and other yard chemicals (glyphosates). Hope you and others find some relief or leveling off of symptoms.

Mottsie in reply to rory1957

Thank you Rory. Our issues sound similar. I shall get out of the recliner more often. My biggest problem has been falling (78 times in a year) - not knowing where my feet are or what way they are headed is a real downer. I now move slower with a walker & do not fall as often. Good Balance is something l really miss.

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